Sudboplavanie conscious — to the masses!

You have not started to develop control of their lives by thinking and hide from this valuable skill for empty, but very "important" tricks?

You try to not even think about the mental energy latent in your potentials, your role in the universe?

You believe in the fundamental unknowability of the age-old question?

You persistently ignore rare but wonderful event and guiding signs, synchronicity, and prophetic dreams?

You brush aside the apparent materialization of your deepest wishes and fears, the apparent return with interest of good and evil?

You refuse to notice the spiraling repetition fateful events that coincide in key circumstances, namely, the number?

You insist that life is chaotic and haphazard, consists of chance and lotteries, gratuitously starts and ends?

You continue to voluntarily give up their precious mental energy to countless spiritual and intellectual parasites, trying to convince you of your insignificance, sinfulness, weakness, incapacity?

Shy in front of their antiquity and authority?

Do you really think that the plow and buy and eat your true purpose?

The title of the God-man for you nepripodemnaya burden?

Then we go to you.




Control over their lives by thinking is relatively simple.

This skill, or even art — the result of a serious internal work on myself, but then gained as a result of the effectiveness of life at times overrides any time, spiritual and intellectual costs.

Why learn all tickets if you can mentally to order something from the fact that the well know?

Why look for a good hard work, if you can focus on the desired and the employer himself will appear and suggest the best option?

Why sort out the endless ideal candidates for a life partner, if it is possible to formulate a very clear image, and the dream itself will hand himself on a silver koemochkoy?

Upper limits of excellence in principle does not exist.

The same applies to the most important thing — health.

Concentrated, delicate and deliberate thought, literally, can do wonders to the human body.

This was a lot of writing and speaking.

To master the art of Conscious sudboplavaniya are old as the hills, but some simple and proven technology …

They are under different names and in numerous interpretations appear the foreseeable history, but has always come down to one thing — the disclosure of a person's potential and deep restructuring of the individual.

Most of these technologies by applying some effort really works.

But life goes on.

Life goes on to meet the wishes of citizens.

And the citizens want maximum results with minimum effort.

Citizens want the very real breakthrough in self-disclosure and self-creation.

Breakthrough in high-quality.

Breakthrough, quickly and easily translates into other, much higher levels and orbit.

And this is quite fair and quite workable desires.

Below, as you have probably guessed, offers something with a serious claim to uniqueness, disarming simplicity and unprecedented efficiency.

But such strong statements without serious confirmation — just an empty phrase.

And as such evidence, could not be better suited to appeal to the indisputable indisputable authority.

As such, clearly, are the absolute meaning concentrates distinctive deep civilizational codes, clearly pointing to the age-old, and the critical importance of the issue.

Their original transcript, logically, should inspire confidence and stimulate interest in further discussion.

Themselves codes implanted by our wise ancestors in the collective unconscious, are represented as waiting in the wings a powerful charge that can carry in chips and disperse any stereotypes that seem nepripodemnymi, heaps of lies.

Plus, they succinctly formulated deserve serious consideration the most important characteristics and properties of the playing space.

Codes are so versatile, efficient and indisputably that represent axioms guiding stars and cornerstones Conscious sudboplavaniya.


Lights the fuse.




Do not say, "Hop!" Until they are hatched.

Why is it that when you tell about his plans, initiatives, dreams, there is rarely true?

What is the mechanism of the law of meanness?

It's much easier than you think.

No mystery and evil machinations.

Elementary subtle material physics.

The main resource person for the implementation of their plans — is mental waves (thoughts).

Thought difficult to express in words.

Thoughts, clothed in words, lose their complexity, clarity, depth, brightness.

Mental waves dramatically reduce the frequency of vibration, callous and materialize into sound waves.

Mental energy, as, indeed, any energy can not disappear, but it can be transformed.

It is the materialization of microwave energy-wave (sharp decrease in the frequency of vibration with a huge loss (conservation) of energy) is meant by fundamental: "First there was the word."

That's why stories about his plans, undertakings, dreams are a direct threat to their implementation.

These stories just wasting mental energy and converts it into sound. And if I still do come true, it is because that was not all squandered.

But this is rare.

For: opened his mouth — has lost energy.

And any energy is not infinite.

Talkers always make plans, and undecideds really moving forward, albeit not always in the right direction, but come on.

My tongue — my enemy.

You should not also forget that the audience also radiate mental waves and in their fancy dreams narrator. They do not want to harm, but subtle material physics relentless.

Wave listeners, like defense, churning waves busybody, unable to keep his mouth shut.

And just the opposite is the case when the lips of energetic skilled orator apt word creates a clear image of the fiery (thought-form), and picked up by the masses outside the resonance, and exponentially (in progression) increases energy original thought — spark.

History has many examples of such mental fires, like cleaning and destructive.




For all the right resources.

Building a house requires a material, a trip by car — fuel, lighting — electricity …

So why do people suddenly decided that inexhaustible energy dreams, intentions, will for achievements?

Just because the arrogant science is not currently able to record and measure the finest microwave mental waves.

Following this logic miserable it can be argued that the electromagnetic field radiation, or simply did not exist prior to their discovery by scientists.

Material science admits that human thought — this microwave energy-waves, easily penetrating through any matter instantaneously at any distance and virtually fading.

And, like all waves, they are subject to the same laws that can and should be used effectively.

Miserable life — a life contrary to these laws.

In order to save a precious mental energy and to answer many questions about the meaning of the curious well-wishers of certain actions or words appropriate, like a scout, have beautiful exaggerated legends, which reduce everything to a joke.

Finally, we need to decide what is more important, or seem to be.

And yet another wonderful sense code.




Strike while the iron is hot.

In response to the dream life of a situation, a chance to realize it (if sufficient investment of mental energy).

Man is at the node a possible move to the desired scenario.

Selects the way forward at the crossroads of destiny.

Intersection is very easy to slip.

Back to impossible.

It's like make a purchase, but do not take it.




Any life construction made at a constant quest for minimal energy consumption and optimal trajectories.

Global energy-computer for a moment at one point driving a few lives.

In the creation of the situation is open to all active forces of life: the elements of nature, plants, animals and even household appliances …

All you need to use for the realization of dreams, paid mental energy.

It's not easy.

It would be naive to believe that the chance to wait and beg to use it (though sometimes it happens sometimes).

In this case, each situation is unique.

It can be fatal for all participants (up to millions), and for one of them (though with millions).

Just one good word, a smile, swing eyelashes … but made a fateful moment, can radically transform everything and outweigh the years of hard work.

It is essential to know the moment to act.

After You dreamed about it.

But how often do instead of acting on the use of chance is an attempt to stop the situation (although nothing is impossible to stop), resolved into components and calculate using a pocket calculator, the product is completely computer system.

Meanwhile, the chance forever melting before our eyes like a mirage.

Strike while the iron cooled down useless.

Lucid sudboplavanie like enters the subconscious of an experienced and demanding coach, forced to go forward, to create, to see and catch the moment, throwing endless doubts.

Few great athletes have achieved good results, do not stand over them coach.

Oh, and for the relative completeness, consider the third civilization code.

Important cornerstone Conscious sudboplavaniya.




What goes around, comes around.

It seems to be easy.

Deed back.

Aggressively and imaginatively conceived — materializes.

And, as a rule, returns and materializes with interest, and often asymmetrical, like a mirror image.

Constant return boomerang is obvious, but there are important nuances and issues.

If all get back more than originally invested, then where are the excess energy?

Or why, for example, defenders of the homeland, which destroyed thousands of enemies, live rest of his life peacefully, happily and die with dignity, surrounded by love and respect?

After all, he carried the death, albeit aggressors.

In an absolute sense any murder — one evil.

The key point here — a sense of guilt.

That sense of guilt, as if uncircumcised umbilical cord with his evil creator.

And it is through this relationship evil eventually suck the energy from their creator and poison its products of their life.

Evil is evil.

Such is its nature.

Feelings of guilt arises when in conflict with the immediate benefit of the created evil enter the inner depth setting education and moral laws of society (mostly good and creative.)

But is it possible to do evil, and not feel guilty?


These freaks, fortunately, there are and the nature of their ability to foul off conscience — a topic for another extensive study.

Most receive deserved sooner or later.

In this regard, it is important to understand the subtle-wave nature of good and evil.

Good (positive) are waves with much higher frequencies than evil (negative).

Energy is higher in good times.

But that's why the good need more time to materialize in our world.

Car, traveling at a higher speed, you need more time to stop … its braking distance is longer.

Or, as in a mist, heavy fractions of evil settle first.

The effect of negative turns quickly and securely.

Positive fruits before collect, you worked long and hard to cultivate.

The only way to live in happiness, health, prosperity, joy … — is to put on a positive flow.

No other.




For all waves, including mental, characteristic resonance.

Resonance — a key concept of subtle wave physics.

At resonance uniform waves merge to draw energy from the ether (physical vacuum) — infinite source of energy.

At resonance:

1 +1 = 100

1 +1 +1 = 1000000

1 +1 +1 +1 = 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

That is where does the energy to return to their shareholders interest.

Resonated homogeneous mental waves generate egregore (energy vortex).

Egregore for existence and development need to be fed.

And the easiest way to feed its creator through the umbilical cord uncut.

Egregore spends part of energy by investing primarily in the head corresponding to the founders thought and provoking certain actions, which, in turn, cause a person to generate mental waves of a certain frequency, maintain and strengthen egregor.

Each egregor as it can to get their shareholders a lot of people.

Lucid sudboplavanie teaches deprive food (cut the umbilical cord) and negative egeregorov establish, strengthen the link with the positive.

In fact — to change the settings of consciousness and subconsciousness.

Being translated into higher (positive) frequency.

For without egregores — nothing.

It is just a natural and fundamental part of our being, as sunlight, water, air …

Happier, healthier, finally, to be profitable in conjunction egeregorami kindness, creativity, love, joy …




Now, as promised, a magic wand, little flowers, Seven-color and as if by magic in a bottle.

Imagine millions of people across the country.

Working days.

In onetime: 8-10 to 8-15 am.

People say, softly whisper, scroll to the head are the same magic words.


I have the energy, health, activity.

I have an understanding of life, success, wealth.

I am a skilled creator of himself and his destiny.

We have a mutual gain.


Relatively fresh morning consciousness.

Most of the move on the way to work.

And …

Resonance with extracting the enormous mental energy of the physical vacuum.

Resonance million crammed into five minutes.


No cost.

Keep with the usual everyday life.


Nikola Tesla's resonance is called the key to the process of inexhaustible power.

Do not forget about time zones.

The country is served each morning working resonant waves of positive.




The idea is quite clear.

It seems to be nothing special.

Joint meditation and prayer is not a novelty.


But very important.

In this case, the resulting resonance mental energy entirely exclusive property investors.

No intermediaries, idols and abstract mailing prayers.

Access to egregore have only its creators.

And the unique egregore energonasyschen, intelligent, vysokooborotisty.

He's just not let yourself to strangers.




That's unexpected (important always unexpected) You now have an invitation to the Age of Aquarius.

Not abstract arguments about the need to revive the spiritual or philosophical boring quests, and an invitation to work together for the common good of the individual and, as well as practical design and simple algorithm.

Naturally, you can smile and shrug.

But you have been warned.

It will be quite a bit of time, and here and there will erupt very real supernova.

Wholesome, positive energy, creativity, possibilistic …

Indeed, in thisIf there are several levels of penetration into the matter.

At first, everything is obvious.

Powerful, positive, constructive setting (blagotvoritsa) — one good.

Over time, it becomes obsessive, but the positive creative thought, displacing the negative.

Regular resonant energy-fueled, blagotvoritsa becomes strong spiritual core, and transforms the deep essence of the person, and then by the surrounding reality.

Further deeper and wider.

The epoch of conscious egregorostroeniya.

Resonance, vysokoenergonasyschennoe, parazitonezavisimoe, informed egregorostroenie.

The epoch of correct and efficient egregoroispolzovaniya.

Resonance egregors (rezegry) at times surpass their predecessors in all characteristics.

Blagotvoritsa (Rod set) is a code-key access to the energy resources.

Code key guarantees dividends.

The bar setting, like a locomotive pulls the cars are already individual investors.

In his spare time, each of the shareholders will be attached to the locomotive your desires.

Generated as a result of morning resonance energy enough for all.

With regular replenishment is practically inexhaustible.

More often than in any spare time, people will scroll in the head blagotvoritsu, the faster will be implemented, and the certainty desired.

Most effective for the individual work for the multiple desires rewriting systems left hand.

The left hand is directly linked to the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for working with the subconscious.

After entering the key (core installation) one can, if funds from your account name, to transfer energy to any needs.


I have the energy, health, activity.

I have an understanding of life, success, wealth.

I am a skilled creator of himself and his destiny.

We have a mutual gain.


And further on:

I am getting a new good job …

I eat overcomes illness …

I am acquires real love …


Wording: I is in itself universal, unique and, without exaggeration, is the magic word of all the magic words.

And a very important point: all the personal settings are built without any denial, and particles were not.

Unified energy field of the universe refuses to accept a particle is not.

Failure to provide any peculiar only to a limited material world.




With further development of informed prediction resonance egregorostoeniya seen truly fascinating prospects.

In the Aquarian age groups will be combined to create a profile rezegrov.

Artists will draw inspiration from rezegrov artists, writers — writers, scientists — scientists …

But the most effective is the technology in the home.

Family members, or to think through pronouncing blagotvoritsu one at a time, regardless of their location, like cover its cell protective canopy of society, because they are like no other, matched to each other and their resonance in times stronger and more effective.



There are quite legitimate and logical questions.

Is a variant in which a person who gives to the common fund a lot of energy, do not get a decent dividends?

It is possible.

Can it, who gives a little, get a lot of undeserved?

Probably can.


Rezegr too rational and optimal to lose the powerful energy sources and feed the drones.

He will invariably pay more attention to the most vigorous and shareholders off freeloaders.

And here is the shareholders themselves, due to various individual properties may not take dividends.

Can be stupid not to notice the obvious signs rezegra pointing the way to happiness, or notice, but be careful not to step forward.

Rezegr rezegrom, but only one can make tangible steps towards a prepared script and follow it.

God has no hands but human.

There will something like: I am discerning the signs of life and bravely making steps in the right direction …

Everything can be solved within the framework of Conscious sudboplavaniya.

Can there be difficulties along the way, trouble, failure, danger?

Anything can happen.

But a lot of people have a much more difficult and hazardous occupations, list which has no meaning.

It is much more difficult and dangerous to stay in the development and seek ways to disclose their deep potential.

After all, we are constantly interacting with the myriad egregores.

But the future belongs to those who translated this process to a new qualitative level.

New time — new egregors (rezegry), as well as the principles of energy and their interactions with humans.




Egregors around us from birth, to put it mildly, far from ideal.

Egregors wars, lies, betrayal, theft … looking for new sources of energy and catch careless.

And people in their energy-restricted interactions.

Everyone has the capacity to communicate with the thin world.

By the way: a unified science of the future will develop a method for studying the personal power of the person and introduce adequate unit of measurement.

Bandwidth is limited to a certain point, but significantly variable and resilient, and strengthened by razvivaema.

It is the limited capacity of the spiritual in a single person egregores causes competition for resources.

The strongest wins.

Hence it is logical and even logical to deduce some time settlement system such interaction and individual capacity.

Peculiar personal energy-card will reflect the proportions and ratios many factors and parameters: maturity and experience of the soul, and genetic features of the body, time, and place of birth, education, etc.

The person will be a highly sensitive measure of its energy and is almost certain to know what it involves egregors and how efficiently and, most importantly, useful such interaction.

Lucid sudboplavanie will be based primarily on nurturing from scratch and with predetermined characteristics of new, more powerful and positive displacement rezegrov egregores negative.

Like a tablet decaris, expels worms from the body, powerful rezegr replace numerous energy-parasites.

No pity for worms.

Should warn that parasites lacking food, go for broke and throw the rest of his energy to his salvation.

Negative egregors try to provoke negative thoughts and actions to devalue the efforts to shift the consciousness to higher frequencies.

Aggravation varying inevitably before final cure.

It is important to adhere firmly and insistently new course.

Such activities are doomed to regularity, like cleaning houses or weeding.

Impossible once and for all times to enter the positive and hang in a languid relaxation.

Even on the most wonderful flower bed without a care sprout weeds.

In the ground are invariably roots and consistently recorded by alien seeds.

But the positive creative resonance setting, like a diligent gardener, will relentlessly pursue flowerbed.

Only need to feed it regularly.




For a visual understanding of the conscious and subconscious blagotvoritsy person can be compared with computer software.

Such a comparison is, of course, a very superficial, but nevertheless.

From childhood through our subconscious mind is loaded a lot of programs.

Will not work …

Fool …

Sick …

Conscious imperfect filter and passes into the subconscious much excess, dirty, bad … deadly.

Various programs, made by professionals, attacking us from the media.

Myriad mental viruses swarming in the energy-field.

This is not a vision of life in a purely negative light.

Many things in this world is wonderful, beautiful and bright.


Negative reached dangerously critical mass.

Seriously limit the negative imperative.

This is vital.

Positive constructive vysokoenergonasyschennye setup like computer antivirus, defuses negative programs will be cleared of debris, slowing down the entire system and mountain here and there.

Limit spam.

Strengthen resistance to the energy-virus.

But most importantly — blagotvoritsy will create.

On the one hand it is not necessary to wait for a miracle.

At the same time, a miracle will happen.

And the miracle is an increasing sided activation.


I have a health …


Prompted by a powerful inner impulse, man, surprised himself, rises from the couch, playing sports, getting rid of bad habits, changes the structure of food, sleep, rest, scans your body, find a place problems and their solutions.


I have plenty …

As you wish.

And, as if bewitched, legs themselves are the wealth of the applicant to places and areas of bubbling energy of money, he sees new opportunities, receive from a single field of energy-expensive ideas, develops the necessary skills useful, utters the fateful words, or commit an act TURNING …

But it's possible that someone longing money just finds a treasure, wins the lottery, buys a rich life partner …


I have a wonderful new love relationship.

Yes, for God's sake.

Around the great mass of single people longed for love.

Finding love is much easier than money.

Love makes blagotvoritsa go for warmth, smile, agree on a date, do a little madness, make a custom action …

Bold step towards love, not habitually play aloofness and indifference, then tossing and turning at night, presenting exciting moments and proplakivaya pillow.


Filled with sufficient energy blagotvoritsa, while in the small world, well see where distribute health, money, love …

It is like an experienced guide.

Just need to trust her.

When a persistent distrust of life — strong enough blagotvoritsa can jostle happily kicks.

Magic words actually exist.

Tale lie, but it hint …

Lazy and ignorant, but will surprise clap eyes watching around sudden starts and acceleration seemingly ordinary people.

But not that really ordinary.

Sensitively capturing the spirit of the times and boldly shagnuvshih towards their dreams.




Lucid sudboplavanie opens exciting prospects for self-creativity.

No one except the man himself will not decide where to go, what links are developed, and which are off.

Given only general rules that are understandable at the moment.

Deserved the result will be the most active exacerbation wonderful intuition.

After all, intuition is based on a feeling, seeing and understanding the structure of the life process.




Under the rolling stone gathers no moss.

Positive dynamic setting prompts action.

There lies dormant and extremely narrow field of view.

But it is necessary under the influence provoked the drive to get up to his full height, as the horizons are expanding and are seen around the many options that are not available earlier.

It may well be that some of the most lucid sudboplavateley will present their stupor of unlimited possibilities.

Such things dizzy with success.

Modesty, moderation and restraint — the most important quality in any situation.

Do not overestimate your strength.

But should not be underestimated.

One of the greatest follies, in the knowledge of their ever-increasing capabilities — application for complete control of anything was, if there is no purpose once again marvel at the quirkiness of nowhere seized bad luck.

Hobby life — break off cocky, do not trust her talkers.

In conscious sudboplavanii, as in most fields of human activity will have their heroes virtuoso, promoting science far ahead and get what they want easily.

But there will be losers, desperate, stops, on the verge of success and vowing unfair life.

And as for the development of any skill, it will take some time and effort before the results will be felt.

The advantage would be to start the way before others.

But there will be geniuses, grabbing everything on the fly with little effort.




It is important also to warn of the dangers involved in trying to implement with different resonance egregores dark and evil dealings.

Evil is evil.

Evil eventually devours its creators.

Resonance energy-devouring evil much faster.




All voiced above is, in fact, an invitation to joint research and achievements.

Invitation to the development of mass psycho cloud technologies.

Flashes every day.

Routine, boredom, monotony …

The absence of a big goal.

Eternal longing for a fairy tale.

Somewhere inside languishing dream of radical positive changes, changing impressions, rapid flight upward and forward.

Together, let us day after day to make real steps towards what you want.

And the words of the real — at the time.

For: the man and his life — is, above all, what he thinks.

Help each other be people, no matter what was going on or floss.




There may be a legitimate question: is there a conscious sudboplavanii place God?

Of course there is.

After all, someone has created the universe and started the immutable laws of motion.

Unknown, can there ever be, being in the material embodiment, to comprehend the mysterious source that exists, but it is easy and joyful to live now, in accordance with the known laws of us are quite capable.

In conscious sudboplavanii not immutable dogmas and canons.

There is no absolute certain relative truths and raising them to the level of ultimate truth.

Nodissent, inhibition of alternative research and development.

It lies close to and keep a perimeter defense, referring to herself and erecting flimsy authority on pedestals.

Openness lies — it means death.

Lucid sudboplavanie open, mobile and procedural, as all that is.

It throbs in unison with the universe, absorbing the inspiratory already mined and out higher and deeper.

It is an endless process of climbing, diving and dissolution.

At the moment the situation is like this.

But the current axiom may well with the acquisition of new knowledge depreciate, break up to make up or drastically change its meaning.




Welcome to the era of conscious chelovekostroeniya.


Structure of the man himself, in accordance only with their wishes and, naturally, in harmony with the laws of life.

New people — new world.

Clean efficient technologies.

Full economy.

Effective management.

And much more remarkable.

Wait and see.

Dare — comprehend.

Comprehend — to pass whatever we want.




Portrait of a man in the captain's cap. Picture of Alexandra Laskarzhevskoy

Most come to the conscious sudboplavaniyu to achieve material prosperity, but in the end will gain tremendous energy, bound earlier struggle with endless fears.

For fear conquer fear — the fear of death.

Everything is illusory and probability, only death is real.

Dreams, signs, synchronicity, inspiration, prophetic dreams — all this and more filled with life, clear and unambiguous signals because seemed impenetrable, and the last line: "Man! All right! Nothing disappears! Your soul is immortal! Just try not to get it! "

Obvious energy-structure exists, visible experienced sudboplavatelyami generates time illusory body and the most genuine curiosity about death, the only one able to give otgadki infinite mystery of life.

Comes the certain spiritual and logical understanding of the determinants and the primacy of a single all-powerful consciousness of the universe and of man as an integral part of the global consciousness.

In all seriousness, people considering options for building a career in the subtle world.

For death accumulate stocks of good memory and is planning further incarnations.

Imagine a society of people living in expectation of better.

Not familiar to us from the joys of depressive promote youth to the burdens of old age and the horror of death.

A life in anticipation of the inevitable return home from an exciting, though not always easy and joyful, but temporary adventure in the material world.

And that's good memory is living in such a society, the highest value.

In Memoriam — a universal energy-currency subtle world.

This is a different level of being.

The level at which, instead of a dull impenetrable wall separating the spiritual from the material, there is a frosted glass transmits the eternal light.




One can not fail to mention incredibly increases the value of a mass awakening in the light of the cannibals seem to cook their once magnificent feast.

Are we once again, like sheep, dutifully go to slaughter for the sake of a pathetic bunch of degenerates, sleep on permissiveness and impunity?

Voluntarily go and behavior of their children just because we were too lazy to think?

We need it?

Millennial hype so primitive that is possible only if the mass of lethargy.

Time to wake up.

If we do not wake up, we do not deserve life.

Us there and the road.

Although, in this case, all is not hopeless.

Can destroy civilization, but life basically indestructible.

Universe permeated life and replace us, sooner or later, others will follow.

Perhaps in the future civilizations materialize and our souls.

Or in other worlds.

In global terms, the loss in this game is not available.

But let's focus on the very edge of the precipice.

Have time to die.




Finally, it must be said that the notion of conscious sudboplavanie formulated Professor Konstantin Selchenok.

The bright memory of him.

He also laid the theoretical foundations of the most important fundamental science Aquarian and a few words to express its essence.


Rapidly promote the best ways is imperceptible to others, until he is ahead.

So be it.

In the good way.


To be continued.


Sergei Ken, Smolensk, 2012


P.S. For free distribution and citation on the Internet.


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