Summer cold: a guilty drafts?

Summer cold: if drafts are to blame?Most people are convinced that even more difficult to get sick in the summer than in the winter. And it is a common misconception. In the summer a lot easier to get hypothermia, and as a prize to the same cold, particularly in the summer because we are surrounded by lots of threats and temptations ice water, cold rains, ice cream, light odezhka and eventually Kondyukov.

How to protect themselves and their loved ones on a hot summer nasty head cold? First, it is fundamentally so beware of us lovers of drafts. But do not think that by closing room, You can turn the fan on and so makarom escape from the sweltering heat. The scientists found that after sitting in a particular vicinity of the fan (not more 3 meters), there is an opportunity to earn even of pneumonia.

Naturally, as soon as vserasprostraneny Kondyukov and more popular, because this thing is really comfortable to use, and helps out with the heat in the apartment. But not many people know that kondyuk considered the main source that can degrade even the most inconspicuous first symptoms of the disease. For example, changes in temperature that we experience, coming into the room with Kondyukov, can easily provide immediate cold. Doctors advise for the safety of their own health to set the room temperature less than 10 degrees cooler than outside. It should pick up before installing Kondyukov itself, which is able to cool the room evenly, because the temperature jump, which is painless to the human body, is less than 5 degrees. At the moment, the best and most harmless a number of walls Kondyukov.

Business based on the sale of Kondyukov in recent years is a very profitable and exciting ones. The range on the market can offer two kinds of Kondyukov: windows and walls. Window kondyuk considered more a cheap option which can afford for themselves and deprived populations. Its biggest advantage is the fact that in addition to cooling it also airs room, because it pumps air from the street. But the wall kondyuk has a function of climate control and does not contribute to Catch up on the freshest air in the room, because you still have to be aired.

Window kondyuk costs less and has a fairly conventional system installation. But it is always installed on the outside because there will always be omens and attractive to thieves. Because the cost savings may later result in more significant loss. But recently time residents of the Russian Federation were divided into two main groups: the lucky owners of the saving attribute from the heat and not having that. Because all the same price drop on Kondyukov can not reach quite small to allow all segments of the population the right to purchase such a thing. After all, the budget funds for such needs are usually very limited.

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