Sun to celebrate the fall of a powerful explosion

The very beginning of autumn our star marked a giant flash, NASA Observatory captured this scene, media reported.

On the last day of summer on the surface of the sun was seen large ejection of matter in the form of plasma fibers, which first contracted, then exploded. This whole process is far from land captured by NASA telescope. Scientists warn that in the near future we can expect the new solar flare.

After such bursts from the Sun separates great mass of solar material in the form of a stream of charged particles (protons, neutrons, and electrons) moving in space. Stream of particles constantly flows from the sun — a solar wind or solar radiation. If solar flash was sent to Earth, then 2-4 days a radioactive cloud of solar material reaches the Earth. For all living things, this radiation would be fatal if not for Earth's magnetic field, which causes the particles of the solar wind and the Earth go round to move on in space. But the magnetic field of the planet at the same time feels resentment that manifests itself in the form of magnetic storms and auroras.

In addition, during solar flares are enhanced X-rays and ultraviolet radiation. The first of them completely, a second partially absorbed by the Earth's atmosphere.

The maximum force on a solar flare was observed in November 2003. The strength of solar flares is estimated on a 20-point scale. In that November day, it was not possible to measure, because then all the detectors of solar activity, located on satellites, literally "off scale."

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