Sweat and smell

Unlike animals, human nature has created sweating. Even at normal room temperature, each of us is allocated at least half a liter of sweat per day, and in this heat, as it is now, depending on the individual, and at times, even ten times more.

Western tabloids and then print the pictures stars (from Tony Blair to Pamela Anderson) With sweat stains on clothing or sweaty faces. Often these photos — a sort of advertisement for new tools to combat patlivastsyu offering various kasmetalyagichnyya clinic. Meanwhile, a German physician and journalist Eckard von Girshgavzen Calls no complexes about patsennya as a person's ability to sweat — nothing but a gift of evolution.

"The facts speak for themselves" — Girshgavzen writes in an article in the journal Die Welt. — "If a person does not sweat, then after half an hour of fitness training or a heat wave, as now, his body temperature rose to 40 degrees and above. At temperatures just above the 40 already start hallucinating, and above 42 degrees starts to deal the brain. " This is roughly the same as with a car — if the cooling system is not working, the engine begins to boil.

Thus, the author notes, we stand out from our little "Dogs in heat often breathe, cats lick themselves and thus damp hair … Even the king of beasts — a lion, to avoid overheating, has to rest up in the shade."

In fact, according to doctors, no need to worry when the sweating is caused by heat, physical work, hot food and drink. It should simply follow their own hygiene, often take a shower, change clothes and pick it correctly: sleeveless shirts, colorful t-shirts or blouse made of cloth, which are imperceptible wet spots.

Swiss researchers: "The way you smell depends on what you eat, what you bathe, and wear clothing that is what set of genes inherited" …

Of course, in order to spatnets, there are many other reasons — the same stress, strong emotions, age-related hormonal changes. Patsenne often caused by an infection, diseases of the endocrine system, tumors of internal organs. Most often, this is for all clinical pathology, as gipergidroz. It affects 0.6-1% of the world, and mainly in towns. People with gipergidrozam eternally wet hands raised patlivasts under the arms, feet, hands. Often, they sweat running from his hands drops. The real reasons for this phenomenon are unknown. Threats to her life, she will not be, but, according to psychologists, because of it the person may have trouble in the intimate sphere.

Attempts to neutralize the patient gipergidroz problem with kasmetalyagichnyh funds often have no success. For a long time, people who wanted to get rid of unpleasant symptoms, went to the surgery to remove the sweat glands. In Belarus in the Soviet era such surgical procedures done to representatives of Party officials, the people of art, other public entities. These were usually surgery to remove the sweat glands on the soles of the feet. The effect was quite noticeable. Now there is another, nehirurgichnaya method of treatment of gipergidrozu. It injections of the drug "Botox", which are made in-dermatalyagichna beauty parlors. Injections of the toxin analogue batulichnaga early kasmetolyagami used as a remedy for wrinkled. Because the drug can cause amyartsvenne facial muscles, the face of injections was made smooth. When fighting gipergidrozam "Botox" is introduced into the flow cancer feet, hands, smells — and for eight months a person can forget about the problem. Then, the procedure must be repeated. At the clinics, the West is one such injection costs about 700 euros. In the Belarusian kasmetalyagichnyh institutions — much cheaper.

In Belarus, the problem gipergidrozu not be in the spotlight. According to dermatologists, to receive treats them very few patients who experience discomfort due to its bad smell. Many shy or stench, or, on the contrary, did not consider this a problem. At the discomfort of the unpleasant odors often complain about the doctors themselves. Especially district therapists in clinics that are receiving population. Doctors point out that in most cases a bad smell from a person totally unrelated to gipergidrozam. People just do not have the habit to wash, change clothes and socks.

In Belarus, rising allergic to stink, but the ethics of social behavior does not allow people to make comments out loud, from which smells bad …

Ethics of social behavior that exists in the post-Soviet space, does not allow loud comments about the bad smell. Although in the same Belarus as well as in other countries that have undergone urbanization, there has been growth dynamics of the so-called allergic to the smell of humans. For the first time such an allergy, British researchers found in 1950. It turned out that the smell one person can cause other mlosts, vomiting, pachyrvanenne or swelling of the skin, asthma attacks, or that mental reactions. In Western countries, a person who stinks, may request to withdraw from the salon allergies public transport and other public places. There were times when some airlines, for example, the Canadian Jazz Air, at the request of the passengers were removed from the flight of people from which smelled strongly of sweat.

"The way you smell depends on what you eat, what you bathe, and wear clothing that is what set of genes inherited" — Swiss scientists suggest that by order of the local industry kasmetalyagichnay studied smells of ordinary people of this country.

When analyzing samples of sweat test, it was found that the odor comes from the contact of certain substances that distinguishes man from bacteria that live, for example, under the arms. As the team leader Dr. Christian Shtarkenman, The study will help to develop new types of men's and women's deodorant, as a woman and a man smell differently. However, the data obtained in this experiment not be extrapolated beyond Switzerland because the researchers in various countries, the people living in different ways.

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