Sweden: The theory of everything is almost open




Nobel Prize in physics were Americans. So marked the opening of their new experiments with the acceleration of elementary particles.

"Unified field theory" or, as it likes to call physics, "Theory of Everything" — not yet open. But today's Nobel Laureates have made an important step along the way.

Gunnar Oquist, general secretary of the Swedish Academy of Sciences: "The Royal Academy awarded the Nobel Prize in physics, David Gross, David Politzeru and Frank Wilczek for the discovery of" asymptotic freedom "to" the theory of strong interactions. "

"The strong interaction" — one of the four fundamental forces of physics. If they manage to bring a common base, you get a "unified field theory".

Alexander Sorin, deputy director of the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of the Bogomolov: "The opening of David Gross, David Politzera and Frank Wilczek is that these objects — quarks — interact with a very unusual way. Namely, if they breed with each other, the strength of the interaction increases They are attracted to each other. And if they reduce the distance between them to reduce the intensity of interaction begins to fall. this property and is called "asymptotic freedom."

Scientists are well aware that for a person uninitiated it sounds not very intelligibly. And as for his sense of humor physics are famous, they had a little visual demonstration.

Scientists: "What the Nobel Committee further apart, the stronger draws them gum."

The Nobel Prize, like a good wine. If the "Oscar" give almost immediately after the release of the film, the science should carefully consider and evaluate the significance of the opening. Gross, Politzer and Wilczek waiting for their awards from the 73rd year. In the words of Wilczek, "time to think, do I get a prize, was enough."

Battery News, 06.10.2004 10:18
Source: NTV

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