Symptoms in which analysis is required for HIV

HIV infection

When pronouncing the acronym HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), many people have a sense of anxiety and panic starts. Discomfort due to the fact that this is a serious viral infection, which can not yet be cured, you can only slow down the process of its development. HIV attacks the immune system of a person, the disease has a long asymptomatic period and is especially dangerous for late diagnosis. HIV is transmitted through semen, blood, vaginal secretions and breast milk, thus there is no risk of infection through other body fluids (such as saliva, sweat, tears, urine) and feces. After passing the HIV test at one of our clinics, the doctor can determine whether you need help. An HIV test helps to detect antibodies, which appeared in the body after infection with human immunodeficiency virus. It is worth to note that this analysis is a must for people who are at-risk pregnant women, for those who go for surgery and is being treated at a hospital. According to specialists network of clinics "MedCenterService" an HIV-infection — one of the most sought after.

The main symptoms at which to conduct a survey of HIV patients are:

-increase patient two or more lymph nodes;

-constant night sweats;

-diarrhea, lasting for a long time;

-dramatic weight loss;

-fever of unknown origin;

-planning to become pregnant;

-Preparation for surgery;

-following infection: toxoplasmosis, a constant herpesvirus, pneumonia, frequent casual sex, candidiasis, etc.

When is assigned an HIV test?

-a random act of intercourse;

-when planning pregnancy and during pregnancy;

-in preparation for hospitalization;

-the sudden weight loss;

-with long-term increase in body temperature of unknown origin.

When you need to perform this analysis by PCR-diagnostics?

-with a questionable analysis by immunoblotting;

-to determine the genotype of the virus: HIV-1 or HIV-2;

-for the control of viral load on the body;

-to determine the HIV status of the newborn if the mother is HIV-positive;

-after a blood transfusion.

Preparation for the HIV test

It is desirable to be tested in the morning, be sure to empty stomach. Blood for the examination of the patient is taken from a vein.

Confidential HIV testing

According to paragraph 2, Article 8 of the Federal Law № 38-FZ, dated 30 March 1995 (Federal Law "On Prevention of Spread of the disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection", as amended), the patient can be tested anonymously for HIV and get a result on an individual order number that is not subject to disclosure. In our clinics, in accordance with the law, you can take any analysis anonymously.

After some time, you can find out the results of an HIV test?

Pass the test and get the results of ELISA can be network of clinics "MedCenterService". The results will be ready within 1 business day. But keep in mind that a positive ELISA test gives no earlier than 1.5-3 months after predpolagaemono infection. At the same time PCR detection could yield positive results within 10 days after infection.



There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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