Taiwan has created a medium-range guided missile

Taiwan has created a medium-range guided missile
Previous Defense Minister Michael Tsai Taiwan (Michael Tsai) published a book «God Save the Taiwan» (God bless Taiwan), in which argues that Taiwan’s defense industry managed to create a medium-range guided missile. As reported by Defense News, with reference to the book, Taiwan Tipo managed to make such a missile in 2008. Any details regarding this ammunition Tsai did not disclose.

In his book Cai deliberately outlines new munition as a «medium-range guided missile» to highlight its difference from existing cruise missiles, produced by the military-industrial complex in Taiwan. Namely, Taiwan produces cruise missiles Hsiungfeng-2E, also started to equip the frigates of the «Oliver Hazard Perry» new missiles Hsiungfeng III.

Despite the fact that any details regarding the latest Taiwanese missiles were not disclosed, Taiwan’s defense ministry criticized mention munition book Tsai. «Because Tsai was defense minister, he should know that the protection of state secrets — his duty, and he should not have to open the important information regarding Taiwan’s national security. We regret the fact that he did «- said the agency Agence France-Presse, Defense Ministry spokesman David Lo Taiwan (David Lo).

Michael Tsai in 2004-2008, he held the posts of deputy minister of national defense, then defense minister of Taiwan. He is the creator of several books in which, as previously stated, the Taiwan authorities, reveal some hidden information about the Taiwanese armed forces and armaments. Namely, it is about the books, «Defending Taiwan» and «Security and Taiwan’s air power.»

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