Teles! Yave, Zhare, Navier, clubs, Kolobov, Dive, Light in the tales, fairy tales,

Each man had a child a special magical charm of hearing and reading of Russian folk tales. Characters traveling the fabulous world, performed feats and fell into a variety of adventures. For millennia, the parents told stories to their children, because their stories reflect the essence of centuries-old wisdom of the people, Inheritance and awakens in the child a deep consciousness of the world truthful.

Ivan Tsarevich the gray wolf.  Viktor Vasnetsov, 1889

Ivan Tsarevich the gray wolf. Viktor Vasnetsov, 1889

But the mystery of Russian folk tales continues to play out here and now in our world and in our bodies, and this can be seen easily.

According to ancient Russian tradition, a man known as a child's toy — Matryoshka, has seven (nine) corporal (tel force) — Yave Body Zhare Body Navier body, the body of the club, Kolobov Body Dive body, the Light Body (*)

YAVE BODY (Elements of the earth) — is the visible body, which represents the tales Ivan Tsarevich or another main character. Prince Ivan always help fabulous assistants — Baba Yaga, the gray wolf, the raven and the elements of nature — wind, fire, earth, and in the end of the story he gets a beautiful bride-and half the kingdom to boot.

To maintain the body in order Yavego person needs food with cloth on the ground. In the image of cloth on the ground in the tale presents itself with the loving nature of useful food for people who had grown up SAMA at Paradise Gardens, Woods and prophetic flowering meadows (no agriculture). Is food, gently and beautifully cooked in the sun in the lap of Mother Nature — forest and garden berries, fruits, nuts, and herbs. Of course, today cloth on the ground is much depleted, but that we are honored to revive its diversity, abundance and beauty!

Agriculture annual crops — this is a trap for Yavego body. Fabulous life that is possible now — a life full of adventure, magic and miracles, not greyness of everyday life in earning their daily bread by the sweat of one's brow.

Viktor Vasnetsov. Three princess of the underworld, 1881

Food cooked on the fire or as a result of fermentation, freezing, that is to change the structure of the firstlings of his, is not useful to explicitly the human body and causes disease and premature death (before 1000 years). Once the power of magic tablecloth turns human life into a fairy tale, in which a fine young man radiates health and prowess, and today it is possible by means of created all Rusich as people of other nations, their ancestral homes and restore fruit and nut and berry and mushroom variety prophetic forests, sacred groves and Paradise Gardens around their settlements and villages.

Consecration is a living food magic wand — one of the fingers of a human or a combination thereof. Magic Man Ray passes through the radius (in hand), then through the finger (strong color) and blesses the food in the right beam.

Also, the Magic Wand uses to specify the Fairytale Path, Magic Defense, the mysteries, and, mind you, today, people consciously or actively using their wands in communicating and interacting with others.

Seven-league boots — a magical human ability to run fast and long (up to 200 km per day). This magical ability to offer prolonged feeding with a cloth on the ground and training. Today, athletes are vegetarians winning the marathon over the meat-eaters, showing a stronger endurance food crop plants than meat. But when feeding on wild plants endurance increases even many times, so according to the German Dirk rawfoodist Risk practicing wild run up to 100 km at a time (for windbreaks) and wild raw food — it is real.

Sword kladenets — a force slender spine-shaped Pillar. Cervical vertebrae and clavicles — it handle and blade (thoracic and lumbar vertebrae) and the sword pointing down (protection of ancient wisdom by conservatives). People, to build up your spine in the form of a Pillar «i», opens his treasure Health and turns into a Lada. However, he becomes invulnerable and properly structured skeletal system turns the human body in the most dangerous weapon. Sky pulls man thrust up, and thrust Earth — down, and the person becomes harmonious in the material and in spiritual matters.

Seven cervical vertebrae are often portrayed on the sword seven turns.

Spine letter «s» — this is a provocation snake medicine (civilization dragon) for deprivation of magical qualities. Full justification for this can be found in the Slavic system "Belojar."

Notice when Hercules fights the Serpent Dragon, Snake then scored his first with his tail to his ankles, then — to the knees, waist, neck in the ground like a nail. Hero has a slender elongated body, spine-pillar — it does not bend, do not bend or break, because his sword-kladenets in position. The strength of the hero is not so much in the big muscles, but in properly aligned joints and bones, strained muscles as a string, quick and clear thinking. Then, of course, Hercules shows Snake, who is the boss.

That's why Arthur (Arthurus), who was able to pull the sword from the Stone-kladenets (slender spine «i») is worthy to be king, for he is in full control of his snake (instincts), foldable and ready to rule the people.

Dragon — is reptilian brain (the medical term). It connects the spinal cord to the brain. Three heads dragon — aggression, fear and lust. With the dominance of reptilian brain wants to prove that you're the coolest guy in the village, or in terror away from the monster, or to meet more women, reflecting the sense of the majority of Hollywood movies — fiefdoms dragon. Reptilian brain, dominated the human spine is flattened («s»-form) and the person is under the control or aggression, or fear, or lust. With his victory over the serpent Gorynych (not to kill, but to tame), a man with a backbone «i»-lance full of courage, pride, calm and ready to conceive a rapid volley of child heroes, not fire intermittently gradually in all directions.

In fairy tales, Ivan Tsarevich may even die, chopped into pieces, but the gray wolf (the symbol of a new era in 2012) with the Raven (symbol of wisdom), which brings a "live" and "dead" water, animates it (see "The Water of Life — living consciousness "). That is the death of the body is reversible Yavego using magical means (water) and receptions (conspiracy). Also, in some tales of Ivan Tsarevich loses a hand, giving it to be eaten by a bird that carries him into road-track, and then grow it again. It also points to the possibility of growing lost organs of the body. And today, there are few, but life-affirming for growing feet, hands, liver, kidney and teeth.

Everyone knows how easy lizard grows a new tail, and a man as a conscious being, is also able to grow lost body parts, but you need to wake up from the daze (wrong view of the world), and to revive the tale in itself.

Koschei Bezsmertny wisdom manifests itself in the open secrets of Bones, because it is in them is kept Deep book that so many today speak Slavic figures. Each person has his own personal Live Deep book, carefully written and passed Ancestors (Gods patrons) — just need to learn to open its pages and contemplate living images, listening to their grace. Curse — is to talk about the images that have been read in its depth Alive book called Koschuny. This is what al are now doing! Koschuny — is ancient legends.

Bones, like Sacred Stones — base (axle our Veda) Transmission of Ancient Earth Wisdom. In bones form blood, which "cut across all narrative" carries the wisdom of Deep Books throughout the body (see "The Treasure of 2012. Shining look at the mystery of blood"). Joints — are living Librarians who distribute different parts of the Deep Books for solving situations. Therefore, the purer blood, healthier joints, slender spine and skeletal system — the closer one to the tale and his magical abilities. And at the center of Deep Books — Stone Alatyr (Atlas vertebra). This will be a separate story in the movie "Fantastic, 2012, Part 3" (on YouTube): about Koschei, Baba Yaga Kostyanov pace and depth of the book.

To disconnect the man from the Deep Wisdom books were introduced cereals (wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn) and Solanaceae (tobacco, potato, tomato) plants, dairy and meat products, as convincingly demonstrated in the articles "The three heads dragon — corn, religion, alcohol "and" Apples and bread. "

The use of artificial food from the supermarket and artificial electromagnetic fields, cities, the curvature of the Sword-Kladentsi, oblivion Deep books led to the loss of human fairy Russian World, but a fairy tale with a path to the Stone Alatyr Scarlet flowers and Horse Gorbunkov never heals and waits …


ZHARE BODY (Fire element) — The human body is an energy. In fairy tales, it symbolizes the Firebird, which burns like a rainbow. Coming from its tail light illuminates the whole neighborhood, "marvelous light shines all around, but not warm, not smoking …" — a description Zharego bodies of the saints, who have a huge energy field. Zhare human body can be the size of 2 m to 20 km. The modern man is an average of 3 to 7 meters.

When a man finds a blooming "Perun color" (color fern) to the feast Kupala or "The Scarlet Flower" — a symbolic meaning that it offers a vision Zharego bodies of plants and animals, and the world seems more bright and beautiful as it is impressively shown in the film "Avatar". Aura — is part Zharego Body which scientists were able to detect.

Ability to control the body Zharim used in noncontact combat, treatment at a distance and such items as the stones of the Pyramids or the dolmens. Zhare human body can be easy to feel at the entrance of the big boss, because, as a rule, had a strong energy. Even sitting back, you feel the desire to get up, or to report to him.

Zhare harmonious body blazes with rainbow colors, but because of the uneven development of modern humans, they dominate certain colors. Therefore, different people are clothes of different colors, depending on the predominance of a particular color in Zharem body. In Vedic fabulous time people are mostly white clothes due to the harmonious combination of all the colors in my Firebird.

Zhare body controlled flight flying carpet, a flying ship and mortar Baba Yaga, that is, having a strong and great Zhare body, a person can overcome the force of gravity and fly in real life.

In fairy tales, Firebird loves to eat rejuvenating apples, and indeed, food apples maximizes power of the person, making it rich, poured and beautiful. No wonder young girls blossoming in Russia for centuries comparing apples with tankers and large women — with fruit-bearing apple trees, because they have a life-energy heat bear, give birth to many children. Of course, we are talking about natural apples, preferably before the Revolution varieties, for example, the dictionary gives the following V.Dal varieties Crimean ebony magmas Calvil, Sinop, Blackamoor, arcades, Borovinka, Maleta, korobovka, white and red Anisovka, Mironchik, aportovoe, Antonovka, flashlight or the royal stud, Yuriev, krivospitsa, Royal, wax, liquid, nalivchatoe, looping skvozina white, white filling, rareripe, plodovitka, beloborodka, Grushevka, Perlovskaya cable, Pavlovsk, plodovitka, button, rennet, wine brew , brown, and in the Crimea a French name, in Astrakhan: mamutovskie, early, priests, small; navoznovskie, big, black rosy kamyshevskie, Oporto, Saratov, Artemyevsky, zakurovskie, Baranovsky, royal thorn nazyrovskie etc., the most recent: Ramza or gorkovka; these and mamutovskie best. Titovka — the best Russian apple. (See "apples or bread")

Every person in the body is the "Three rejuvenating apples": two eye and pineal gland (third eye). Epiphysis looks just like the apple variety synaptic (or pine cones), distinguishes in the human melatonin — the hormone of youth!

Note Firebird in fairy tales is powered rejuvenating apples. Maximizing the pineal melatonin in modern man is up to 5 years, with a gradual decay to death. We believe this is an unnatural process, introduction of modern medicine, science and religion, resulting in too rapid aging and death (1000 years). The attack on the pineal gland, mainly goes through ultrasound, X-rays, vaccinations, fluoride toothpaste and artificial nutrition.

Up work epiphysis real apples, pine nuts, some magic herbs (see the "Hello, my homeland"). Role of the eyeball, not only in contemplation Explicit world but maintaining youth Yavego body. In Russian folk tales, interesting story about rejuvenating apples, "King very outdated and eyes broke, and he had heard that the end of the world, in the realm of fairy has a garden with rejuvenating apples and a well of living water" — the secret of rejuvenation in the revitalization of its three apples . Or how do you this story, "King cherished apple tree, as his eyes, and he did not rush to apples, and the other did not give."

"Look at the two and three spectator", "The Eyes — the mirror of the soul" — says the proverb.

Three rejuvenating apples man — a priceless gift that we are to open in the near future. In Esenin — the poet of the people, the apple is associated with joy, "We all wear the apple of joy …".

The image of the Firebird in a gilded cage — a person in the room, wrapped in electrical wires with artificial electromagnetic field. Initially era sleepy kingdom it was just a house or towers with metal objects that distort plumage Zharego body. Extraction of metals from the earth in Vedic fabulous time is not practical, because the violence over land and over the other, and benefit only the Serpent Dragon.

Firebird, flying in the garden, there is a person who dwells in the bosom of Mother Nature in the natural aura of the Earth. Therefore, the first thing to restore its Zharego body — every day from 40 to 60 minutes at least to walk on natural sites (forest, park, river, meadow) without a mobile phone and electrical wires. Also important to make the bedroom without electricity, and ideally — to build their family estate.

The strength of the Nightingale the Robber, which protects whistle Prophetic Woods from religious fanatics, kicking sacred oaks with the root (loss of communication with the ancestors), such as Ilya Muromets — in Zharem Body. Therefore, the development of its beautiful natural voice and speech — a priority for recovery, purification and amplification Zharego body (see School of Natural Voices-Cyril Pleshakova Kachalina).

Zhare body is fully formed in three summers, so the children in Russia only after the deadline can be displayed on a large meeting to prevent damage to their power.

One of the most important destinations Zharego bodies — is warm and oblaskivanie plants and animals around the person. Family estate is at least 1 hectare, for moving out of the city to the countryside and a vegetarian diet Zhare body soon becomes a 50 meter radius, and warms your whole family, animals, and plants.

With skillful use Zharego Body plants grow much faster than a fairy tale — by leaps and bounds. Also improves the microclimate area until the temperature increase during freezing rain and bringing in dry periods. But such cases are already there! In the family estate of her husband's body Zhare intersects Zharimi Telhami wife, children, animals and plants, and benevolent mutual respect, significantly increases the energy of joy, love and beauty that can not be in the city (Mount Rod). When a person begins to see the radiance Zharih Tel living organisms, as shown in the movie "Avatar", life becomes much more colorful, iridescent and shiny — and it is our fabulous future.

NAVIER BODY (Water element) — is the body of dreams, in which the man every night goes to worlds Navi, and did use his magical abilities — fly, become invisible, change shape, manifests immortality and so on. The flow of one form to another, the ripples on the water surface, obsession — a world of Na'vi. Navier body has the shape of a human body.

In Russian folk tales Navier body — it's a magic mirror that can show the past (I had already passed) and the future (I'll be more), and what is happening in different parts of the world are (on which I stand.)

Magic mirror

Magic mirror

Lucid dreaming — this is the ability to master your Navim body, and this is the way every awakened person. Today, it is becoming a fashionable topic, because now it's time to empowerment harmonious interaction of all the seven bodies of man.

In Russian folk tales is the image of sleepy kingdom where the king is on his kingdom, and all citizens are sleeping. It is a spiritual dream, in which today plunged almost all of humanity, and people generally live without a king in my head day and night. But it's time for Awakening 2012 to Be aware of LIFE day and night, that is, made full use of his magic mirror.

Earlier in Russia did with the window shutters, to sleep in the dark, because dreams fade from memory as soon as sunlight falls on the retina. And it is important to remember dreams upon waking, and analyze them as adventures in Navi is not as important as the world's Reveal. In Vedic times, a person stands up before dawn (first ray) and goes right after sunset (suspend Beauty). And the revival of this tradition is waiting for our awareness. People remember their dreams or writing them, greatly accelerates the spiritual development.

Vedic tradition — summer sleep little (Navi world) and eat a lot, leading an active life in the waking, and in the winter — to sleep a lot, leading an active life in Navi, and eat a little. Summer — colorful life Reveal — focus attention to the outside world in the winter — black and white life in Reveal — the focus inward.

Navier body of man is fully formed only seven summers, so parents need to protect the child from delusions to this age, as well as to introduce the houses, Leshim, water, mermaid (maiden-bird), grooves (virgin water with their tails.) In the fairy tale characters often visit a living mirror of water (well, lake, river) to look at the world through the Nav Reveal. Wholly owns its Navim Body sees the Goblin, frights, water, mermaids and other mythical creatures and today, for Tales live forever — is the person closes or opens their charm.

Silver platter (water) — it is also one of the descriptions of seeing the world through Navego body.

CLUB BODY (Verse Heaven) — The body of this intuition, insight, divine inspiration. It looks like a silver ball in the center of the head and is associated with the activity of the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, the thalamus and hypothalamus, began actively structured in seven years and is fully formed by 12-14 years. At this time, for a clear understanding Ways useful place naming ceremony.

In Russian fairy tales Clubs Body — Guiding this ball. The main character gives his Baba Yaga after fed, watered, warm up in the bath and put him to sleep. Symbolically, these things mean that you need to put in order Yave (nutrition, clean blood, slender spine), Zhare (high power) and the Navier (lucid dreaming, the ability to decipher dreams), and then the possibility of activating the body of the club.

Most people on Earth now live a fast life for their Guiding a ball lost in the labyrinths of the era Sly Fox with the patronage of the Goddess Mary (392 2012g.g. BC), so forests are cut, burned oil and build a big city (Mount Rod).

See how behaves totem Foxes. Film company «XX century Fox» (20th Century Fox) takes the greatest horror stories, news company Fox news — news pattern distortion in favor of the authorities, Fox Kids — the most stupid kids cartoon, and even advertised Fire Fox and distributed by supermarkets (food of the goddess of death of Mary ).

With entanglement glomeruli guiding many people became unhappy in love, go to the unloved work, go to the war crimes and for the money, or trying to forget himself in drugs, with only occasional hints of the ball gives way, and life is getting better.

On Earth, a few are awakened at his Guiding glomeruli throughout life and enjoy the adventures of the divine grace and interesting life, which was originally given to every person on earth.

In the summer of 2012 an era of Fire Wolf (patron — God Veles), and a good time to release his Guiding ball at will, in fact it helps to find someone his labor of love, narrowing, ancestral homes and loved ones in the Spirit of Friends. Key energy Veles — it will, therefore, now so fashionable is to wear long hair (the axis of the will), there are new kids who actively demonstrate their will in spite of everything, and the adults in the popular unrest around the world (America, Russia, Europe, Egypt, Tunisia , Libya) actively want to get out of control authorities Foxes (politicians, bankers, lawyers) for a free, independent life. But this is only flowers 2011!

In Russian folk tales of the Grey Wolf (Velez — Prophetic Wood) helps Prince Ivan catch Firebird, keep rejuvenating apples in the garden of the Father, and to find a wife, a beautiful woman.

When Guiding ball rolling right, and man was following him, then with passion and interest opens Secrets of Life, tying and untying the knots of Fate — to find his place, his favorite, to realize their talents. When you go on your way in life appear favorable circumstances, unexpected gifts and everything goes well (Share).

While in the Star Worlds before birth, we paint the Earth itself Adventures, we arrange Ground breaking stones at key points of life, tie Knots future relations and events, select Family relatives and friends — and to enter the game of Life. Players from the earthly body of activated clubs realize his destiny on earth and benefit both themselves and the people and the planet.

Guiding is a live ball Nodules on memory, which is said, "Family Ties, fraternal bonds, started a relationship, started the relationship. The plot of the story, the outcome of the plot. Guiding thread through the narrative. Weave in the conversation. "When a man strays from his path — Guiding ball goes awry, life becomes a struggle for survival, vanity of vanities and natural damage the Earth's Interior (Nedolya).

The body of the club increases from pine nuts and apples, food from their area (50 km from the location), regular room and dousing with cold water (refrigerant). But the main task of guiding the disclosure of glomeruli is a decrease, but rather the artificial termination of the flow of information (TV, computer, books, guru), which confuses the tangle of man.

Next — regular hearing birds, noise forest, sea, inhaling scent of flowering trees and plants. Clubs body nourishes silence, peace and quiet, in whom it is vital to be alone from time to time.

Why do people love to search for treasures and treasure, watch movies and read adventure stories? Because, in fact, human life — is a constant search to Lada — first need to find their talents and show them through the Folding Work, find their place in life, okay, find the families of the earth for the home and garden, find their Okay, beauty, and then with the Star Paths pull their relatives as children Okay!

Zhare, Navier clubs and bodies develop, grow and die with the death Yavego Body — is the basis of life on earth. On the third day after the death of the body dies Yavego Zhare body, the ninth — Navier, the fortieth — club. A year Kolobov, Dive and light body (Spirit and Soul) are completely removed from the Earth and fly to the stars — in Svarga-Pure (the Milky Way).

Life is going to star Kolob, and shines Divem bodies. Baby shower barefoot in the Stars runs to parents realized on Earth, finds the body with the Sword-Kladentsi and a magic wand, Magic Mirror, Firebird and Guiding ball, lives with adventure, and after his death (shift measures firmly) leaves them on Earth Heritage kind, going on in Children. Again goes to Star Trek to Myra shine balls, Diva Brave and the White Light.

Our system Yarily-sun — this is a fabulous three-Nine Lands (planets). Sun is a star in the constellation eighth Stozhar (Pleiades) and is part of the Blessed Svarga (the Milky Way). The trip for three to nine land — a journey beyond Yarily-Sun (Solar System) in the wilds of the Blessed Svarga. There, people fly like glowing balls (in Kolob, Divem and shines Bodies), embodied in different Earths (planets) in accordance with their wishes.

In the coming summer, we will feel a lot more impact Stozhar — on Old Volosyn. Volosyni (stars Veles) in written sources mention already at Nikitin in XV century: "The great day for Volosyni yes Cola Zorya entered and Moose head is to the east" (Cola — Big Dipper, represented in the form of vehicles, and the Moose — archaic name of the North Star). Sivmolichno that Russian medieval texts in the seven stars of the Pleiades are called rozhanits, since they produce a light body.

Kolob BODY (V. Sun) — the Body Intelligence. Golden glowing ball around the head and body, is connected with the activity of the cerebral hemispheres, both logical and creative.

Kolob body is at all Rusich in sleep or waking state. All the people saw him in the churches on the icons like a halo around the head of the Saints.

In Russian fairy tales Kolob body symbolizes the Gingerbread Man. Remember the beginning of a fairy tale:

There once was an old man and an old woman. One day the old man asks: — Bake, old woman, Gingerbread. — From what oven for? Flour no. — Eh, old woman! Jarred by scrapes, bottom of the barrel of the litter; maybe flour and typed. She took the old wing, the warps scratched, bottom of the barrel pomelo, and had accumulated a handful of flour with dve.Zamesila in cream sauce, roasted in butter and put it on the window postudit. Gingerbread lay-lay, but suddenly and rolled — with windows on the bench, from the bench to the floor, on the floor so the door, jumped over the threshold into the passage from the entrance to the porch, from the porch into the yard, the yard of the gate, on and on .

Since the beginning of Starlight (images flour, sour cream and butter), our Heavenly progenitors (old) living in the Milky Way (heavenly milk) blinded and baked in the Celestial Fire Kolob body. White cream and yellow oil — this type of Lightbringer Cosmic Energies Milky Way, which was added to the bun. Next show Kolobok journey from the center of the Milky Way (Svarga Pure) through the Galaxy (Stozhary) and Sun (Yarilo) to Earth.

Since the story "Gingerbread Man" was compiled by the wise men of the era of Fox, the tale goes further clue in this light. On his way meets Gingerbread Rabbit, Wolf. Bear and Fox, which symbolizes the different tests Kolob Body (intelligence) in the Age of Fox — time, deceit, and substitution of ethical values in the dogmatic.

Gingerbread proud mind and dexterity, thinking that will cope with all challenges. At first he met with Hare and his song he sings: I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel, in cream meshen, I'm in the oil yarn, on the window of Chill, I left my grandfather, I left my grandmother, (the description of stellar origin) from you, the hare, not cunningly leave! And rolled away before the hare even saw it!

Hare in Russian folk tales acts as cowardly, but in the, same time, kindly animal (story "rabbit hut"). Hares — this test of cowardice, which easily passed the Russian people, and thus proved to be kind and peaceful. Encounter with a bear, the owner of the forest — a test to lust for power. Encounter with a wolf (will freestyle) — test rejection of any form of slavery. All that we have been valiantly!

But the meeting with Fox, which in our tales symbolizes cunning and deceit, has not passed in vain for a Bun — ate it.

Rolls, bun rolled on and met a fox: — Hello, little bun You're cute! (Takes the flattery) A bun sang: I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel, in cream meshen I in oil yarn, on the window of Chill, I left my grandfather, I left my grandmother, I went from the hare, I away from the wolf, the bear was gone, From you, the fox, and even more so go — What a wonderful song! — Said the fox. — But I, Gingerbread Man, was old, hard of hearing, sit down a minute on my snout, so sing your song once more loudly (biblical). Kolobok fox jumped on the face and began to sing the same song. — Thank you, little bun Nice song, even to listen! Sit down a minute on my tongue so sing your song at the last once, — said the fox and stuck his tongue. Bun foolishly jumped on her tongue, and the fox — am him! — And ate (Russian naivety).

Pride Kolobok brought to the stupid arrogance and ate it, so the intellect of the Russian people in the Age of Fox government was heavily damaged. Our princes were liars, and from home and garden people moved to the city (Mount Rod), they cut down the forest, all the seeded grasses and exchange gold coins.

Enough to be naive — our Heavenly Old Couple (Shining firmly Ra Beauty) expect us to sanity, it means to have a healthy body (to live on the family estate, and not in the city), the Good Soul (to work for the glory of race, and not to work for his uncle ) and cheerful spirit, and wisdom in the affairs of earth and heaven.

A Fox let's leave and ignore, for power Redheads kept on the fact that we're playing in their intricate games — work, money, a state pension, slavery. We have our own game — work, family, holidays.

In Vedic times, the tale of the balls, of course, tell a completely different way, because no one eats — people are friends with his head.

The weakening of the body associated with coloboma cutting hair, their coloring, shaving facial hair, applying makeup on your face, wearing earrings, and most importantly with the termination of sedition.

Sedition (K ^ Ra fame) — a prayer to Ra, the original light.

Kolob strong body is formed when a person is living with solar rhythms — get up early, before sunrise, along with birds, and falls just after sunset. Morning greeting Yarily-sun with your hands (runes "Mann" and "Man") provides human Lightbringer news and energy from Svarga, Stozhar, solar system for the coming day, for real man lives, as in heaven, so the earthly world once. Therefore, Russian fairy tales so full of travel for the Tri-Nine Lands, that is, outside the Solar System. This happens in Kolob, and shines Divem bodies.

Man-made space ships — a toy with people eaten Kolobkov — Materialists Seventh Day (a sect of Science). Evening seeing the sun — this is a report Yarily of good and creative affairs for the Glory Rod made during the day. Because modern people almost do not make such deals, that they are ashamed to report to the sun in the evening.

Of course, over eaten Kolobkov us Rusich and Slavs, today it seems that we are only humans and our business — to earn their daily bread and feed the family, to fight with the Jews, to criticize the anti-Russian state power. But when you recover and Bright Solntsenosnogo Kolob body, you can feel that our ability to revive the Russian land is much broader, and parasites can shake like mosquitoes.

Understand how to do each Rusich when sedition and sincere will be Solntsenosnym, gracious and loving a man who will bring the harmony of tens and hundreds of miles around. With submachine guns and pistols people running around submerged consciousness in Matter (Matrix), their effectiveness to restore order in the world is much lower than the solar Vedrussa conducting volley of holy light of Svarga, Stozhar and Sun through its Gingerbread on Earth, inspiring the terrestrial world. This is vividly and beautifully portrayed in the film "Selestinskie prophecy."

Sedition to enhance Kolob body — it Slavlenie Sun Fusion with its light.

DIVE BODY (Verse Star) — The body of this transformation, the Soul. Possessing the capacity of the body, a person can become a Falcon, Wolf, Bear, increase their Yave body to Heaven or to reduce it to become invisible. This body of magicians and wizards on Earth.

In Russian folk tales, it represents a good guy, a bird or another assistant who suddenly appears in the most difficult situations and helps the hero magical way.

Dive strengthens body Sedition before his guiding star (Star of the homeland) with which the person came, and always has Lightbringer ties.

BODY OF LIGHT (Verse God) — is the body of God, the Divine Fire, Spirit.

In the fairy tale about the balls, in a broader sense, flour — it is the light body (the original light of Ra), sour cream — Dive body (Sunshine Stars), and oil — Kolob body (sunshine).

Body of Light in tales symbolizes the energy of love and kindness that envelops the main character in certain situations and allows you to feel and accept God's grace.

Body of Light — This is the most delicate and light clothing ZhivAtmy (Eternal I).

Sedition to enhance light body — it Slavlenie Central Sun (Svarog) Svarga Pure.

In the Russian bath we clear and we charge Yave, Navier, and the club Zhare Body, and in the sincere sedition — sanctify Kolobov, Dive and light body.

Thus, every person who grew up on Russian folk tales, there is a sword-kladenets, Magic Wand, Guiding ball, magic mirror, Rejuvenating apples, Koschei and Baba Yaga, Firebird and the Gingerbread Man, Bogatyrsky Horse and Dragon, but that it feel they need to wake up from the scientific and religious oblivion. Modern people are so believed in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, they lost cloth on the ground, so to believe in Newton's laws of gravity and that lost magic carpet and mortar Baba Yaga, so believe in textbooks on history, astronomy and mathematics, that their own The bun rolled away very far, so believed in his career, money, and your TV, Guiding ball in dusty outskirts of consciousness, and the Bible, the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita and the Vedas other paper replaced Living Depth Book. Scientific and religious dogmas — this is the land of nod, and where they lead — Russian fairy tale is not!

Dar-Ra-Gie Rusichi, invite all to Magic of Russian fairy tale — it very much alive, and ready to take us back to the kingdom, to give your wife a beautiful woman with a painted Terem apple orchard, Milk and honey, fabulous adventure and friendship with Baba Yaga, Vasilisa the Wise, Yelena the Beautiful, Koshcheev Immortal Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf!

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