Tell the truth

The Company's tagline of "Tell the Truth" from the beginning seemed suspicious to me. Embarrassing naivete made their populist steps adbrehvanne annoyed about the "pot", something not given to believe in the sincerity of collecting signatures for street Bykov. Too directly fed and allusions with Solzhenitsyn yes Havel. However, after, again as the voices of those who sincerely believe that the 2011everything will be in area, it was thought that the infection dissent too strongly rooted in the body of our opposition, and until recovery is still far. In addition, the company joined the people I truly respect and I, like the others, there is no reason to suspect them of playing a double game.

But suspicion has changed to despair when I mentioned the "Know the truth." Conceptual party "Unity" came at dawn

Now the "Unity" to bring justice to the Russian people on the war in the Caucasus.

Putin era. This Frankenstein Russian political strategists, who led no living creature, and Major-General Petrov cosmic forces (who are interested, the Russian Wikipedia gives a comprehensive description of this office), a strange way to participate in the elections to the State Duma in 2003. And not somehow, but by the will and lyatatrona Veshnjakova was on the electoral list at No. 1. It was said that the voters will undoubtedly be confused with the then fledgling "United Russia". But the "Union of People for Education and Science" (elephant) "yablachnika" Igrunova was at number 15 (remember, Mr. Fyaduta, spoke at the inaugural meeting?).

Now the party "Unity" was renamed "The course of truth and unity" and only the language of science to bring justice to the Russian people on the war in the Caucasus, shit Judeo-Masonic conspiracy and American. And many believe.

The truth can not be monopolized by any political force.

Some members of the Movement Forward to still sure that they are not engaged in a political struggle, but just enough to throw an eye on the company's website to see what kind of forward movement is a complete and well calculated political campaign that kamuflyuetstsa "fight for the truth." So, the idea of participation in Mr. Neklyaeva Belarusian National Assembly has been thrown back in his interview on the website "Free news plus" on June 6, and now served as "impromptu".

I do not intend to compare the ideology of these two resources ( and And no, I do not want to discredit the activities really sincere and responsible activists of the "Tell the truth." But the match rhetoric again confirmed to me that the truth can not be monopolized by any political force, the use of the idea of truth in order to fight for power immediately knocks out any political actor in the field of moral values.

Once this happens, the truth ceases to be true.

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