Terra Al Qaeda. (2013)

Al-Qaeda. Most sinister terrorist organization in the world. Her fear, her destruction thrown armies. As she came out of hiding, and gained his power, who now makes her series — bearded thugs and religious fanatics? In search of answers NTV special correspondent Vadim Fefilov went to where flies the black flag of jihad … Three of the continent, thousands of miles and months of negotiations …. To get to the stronghold of Al-Qaeda is no easy task. In bypassing the checkpoints of the regular army, a land of warlike tribes NTV film crew on a journey to risk their lives to where instead of the secular law — Sharia law, which are warmed by the thought of the caliphate — global Muslim state, and where the dream is embodied in life.

Bodyguard of Osama bin Laden, a former field commander of Al-Qaeda and the real fighters of jihad — a unique documentary film "Terra Al Qaeda.

Category: Mad World

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