Thailand declared a drought disaster area in 79 districts of 13 provinces

Thailand declared a drought disaster area in 79 districts of 13 provinces

Nearly 80 districts in 13 provinces of Thailand are from Friday a disaster because of the drought which began in February, the department said in a statement warning of natural disasters the country.

Statement issued on Friday by all state media in the country.

Disaster zone are defined as areas in the provinces of Lampang, Lamphun, Nan, Phayao, Uttharadit, Kampheng Phet, Phitsanulok and Sukhothai in the north, Lei in the northeast, and Chachoengsao Chanthaburi in the east of Thailand and Suphan Buri and Phetchaburi in the center of the country.

Previously, the department has already announced a number of regions a disaster area in the north of Thailand, but the drought has spread beyond the previously identified areas, the document says. According to the Director of the Department Vibuna Sanguanphonga, the drought has affected more than 4.7 thousand villages and hamlets.

Drought and flood — regular seasonal disasters in Thailand and neighboring countries in South-East Asia. In the dry season often "burn out" hundreds of hectares of crops. During the wet season floods bring no less damage to agriculture. With seasonal variations humidity locals for many centuries fought with irrigation facilities — dams, reservoirs and canals.

In 2011, Thailand was the most severe flooding in 50 years, the cause of which, according to experts, is climate change, deficiencies in the management of water resources of the country and the illegal construction of drainage ways.

Eugene Belenky. 

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