The authorities do not want the opposition was the sole candidate


"It seems to me that everything is simple and no longer comments. While in power in our country, only one person, who does not want the opposition candidate was single."

Woman: "It seems to me that the opposition has no specific purpose, they do not think and do not care about the country. Many are only interested in how to advance in politics and pursue personal goals."

Man: "The opposition has done nothing really for the people. And in my opinion does not think to do something."

"He who now have the power to replace almost impossible. Not that he did not give power. People, I somehow convinced him again pereizberem. Give others the power no one wants."

Woman: "If they can not agree, then pursue their own personal goals."

Mrs."But the opposition put forward candidates. Why was that one? On the other hand, to be honest, I do not know who is now in opposition. Before I knew it well. On the other hand where are the older generation of opposition: Shushkevich, mushroom, Pozniak ? "

Woman: "I can not answer why and what hinders …"

Man: "The fact that I am now so far withdrew from political activity, I just do not know what's going on in the political environment."

Woman: "You know, I do not care what's going on in the country. I often acquire or subscribe the newspaper. But to myself I must oblige exclusively on their own. I work alone, I hope only for themselves. After all, if I did not earn, I hold no one will. "

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