The baby had a cold: advice for parents

The baby had a cold: advice for parents.  Photo from

Baby cold? For it to be quickly recovered, you need to carefully carry out medical purposes, give his bitter medicine and perform many procedures, sometimes not very pleasant. Hopefully, these tips will fall by the way you, dear parents.

Measure the temperature of the

Children of all ages put armpit thermometer, so you can measure the temperature reliably and safely (for example, in the rectum temperature to 10C above, and it is likely to injure the lining of her). To a child it was nice to take a few seconds pogrom thermometer in your hand, wipe it off and put the child. Enough to keep him5-6 minutes. At this time, the kid read a book, tell a story — try to make the process enjoyable. Control body temperature should 2-3 twice a day, preferably at the same time.

We give medicine

As little as possible accentuate the child's attention on the fact that you are giving him, and asked to drink the medicine as it were by the way. Talk with the child aboutanything distract him by offering a spoonful of medicine. Insoluble, bitter pill Mash and mix with honey, jam, fruit puree. By mixing the drug with a drink (unless the prescribing no special instructions, as well as what it needs to wash down), it is better to use the kind that baby rarely drink, otherwise it may permanently give up your favorite milk or juice.

Bury nose drops

Young children drip the nose better position reclining baby. Older children may offer to sit down, throwing his head back. Bury first in one nostril and immediately turn the child's head in the direction of this half of the nose. This medication spreads on the side wall of the nasal mucosa and penetrates into the nasal passages. After a few minutes drip drops in the second half of the nose.

Making the inhalation

It is best to carry out this procedure in a small space such as the kitchen. In order to make the air humid and healing, put a pot of water on the stove, toss it in a handful of herbs (oregano, chamomile, pine buds), let simmer for an hour. The child in this time can play, draw, read.

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