The baby sucks fingers

Girls and boys do not suck fingers!  Girls and boys do not suck fingers!

More recently, it was considered only a thumb-sucking habit and nothing more. Recently, pediatricians and psychologists concur: finger mouth — is, first of all, unsatisfied instinct of sucking.

By the way, one observant mother noticed an interesting thing. Her son is on the mixed diet — that is, along with breast milk fed him formula from a bottle. So, the child is much faster to cope with the bottle than with the mother's breast, and then directly into the mouth pulls the cam. This example — a living illustration of that thumb sucking nursing infant is required in order to satisfy the sucking reflex. Babies who are breast-feeding mother for a long time (and not by the regime, and on-demand), this habit is usually not observed.

The fact that the infant term "sucking" and "be" is very close. They suck not only to saturate, but also for development. Studies have shown that natural sucking run, well-established processes for centuries: digestible nutrients, improves digestion, brain develops, baby feels psychological comfort.

In the sucking involved just three nerve with a very extensive areas: wandering, ternary and nasopharyngeal nerves. None of the body is not such powerful output receptors, as in the mouth. The best that nature has come up with for the development of these systems, it is the mother's breast. That is why it is so important that it could not get a crumb on his first request.

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to look for a replacement mother's breast. Of course, the knot with bread crumbs (as in the days of our grandmothers) or the modern "right" orthodontic pacifiers — this is just a poor excuse my mother's warm chest. But, alas, to some extent they are needed, if your baby is bottle-fed.

Another way to satisfy the sucking reflex, which is literally at your fingertips — it's own finger. But dentists and speech therapists in one voice say that non-nutritive sucking, and in particular, the finger leads to a deformation of the sky, the formation of malocclusion, poor interdigitation. In children, sucking fingers, teeth often grow in a specific way — the upper protrude and the lower — grow a little.

What to do? On the one hand, this habit is a natural and logical, but on the other — is harmful, and it has to contend.

Why would a child sucks his thumb?

There can be several.

  • Breastfed babies often suck his fingers before or after feeding — so they show that even hungry or has not "suck." After all, the main portion of the milk crumb eats for the first 5-10 minutes, and the rest of the time suck just "for fun", squeezing out the milk drop by drop. Ifbaby pull their fingers after breastfeeding, you may keep it at the breast is smaller than it should be.
  • The baby is teething — and then he pulls with particular enthusiasm in his mouth all that comes their way.
  • At older ages, the child can suck thumbs up if he lacks parental love and affection.
  • Occasionally sucking finger becomes a sedative — so baby instinctively relieves excessive excitement or calm themselves before bed.
  • Your fumes may just be bored.

As it is impossible to wean from sucking thumb

"Ingenuity" Some parents just do not know borders. They are:

  • smeared fingers of their children mustard, aloe juice, cover with a special varnish bitter;
  • tied hands and bandage fingers;
  • wear (and sometimes sewn to the blouse that can not be removed) woolen mittens.

This is a rather cruel ways that bring much suffering crumbs. And, most importantly, they cease to act as soon as parents stop repressive measures. And everything is back to normal.

Useless as permanent shouts "take out your finger out of his mouth" — at some point have simply stopped to respond to them, this is a kind of protective reaction to the habit, which, for whatever reasons, is important for the body. Moreover, the threat of punishment and sometimes lead to the opposite result. After all, as we found out, the baby often sucks his thumb to soothe. So, in a stressful situation for themselves (ie lead to stress and shouts of punishment) baby will be with a vengeance seek somehow to calm himself — with the help of sucking.

How to wean from the habit of thumb sucking

  • If it is a baby to a year, try to increase the time of suckling. Breastfed baby can simply be more likely to offer chest and keep it longer (thirty or forty minutes). With bottle-difficult — have to pick up a pacifier from which will suck hard enough, in this case, the absorption of the same portion of the mixture baby will need more time than before. Ideally, this should be spent about twenty minutes. It may be worth adding another feeding, in time it will be canceled.
  • If the kid is already out of infancy and sucks mainly for complacency, find other ways to calm him down. For example, if he is upset, and teach him to express his feelings in words, hug him, cuddle, read an interesting book together. Sometimes kids pull the fingers into his mouth in a recurring situation — for example, while watching TV. In such a case, find an adequate replacement — slip him a small rubber ball or other toy that can crush your fingers.
  • It is important that your hands are busy with something. The benefits of the development of fine motor skills do not tire of repeating the speech therapists and psychologists — this is very important for speech development. Let the kid tinkering with clay, pebbles, sand, collects the designer of enough small details adds a mosaic or jigsaw puzzles.
  • The little fashionista will appreciate the first "real" manicure, like my mother. Perhaps she did not want to spoil such beauty?
  • Sometimes it helps to visit a dentist who will tell the child about the dangers of finger sucking. This is quite a reputable person for the kid, and he confirms that parental demands — this is not an empty their whim.
  • Emphasize the child to that, ceasing to suck his thumb, it will be quite an adult. This habit is permissible only the smallest, and for such a respectable young person or an adult girl is simply unacceptable. By the way, most children do wean themselves of the habit at the age of two to four years.

Inessa Smyk

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