The Belarusian side has not received proposals from Kerimov to buy a stake in Belaruskaliy

Offers to buy shares in the "Belaruskali" from the new shareholders of the Russian "Uralkali" has been reported.

About This was reported Director of the State Property Fund of Belarus Natalia Zharnasek, reports "Interfax".

Have been reported and no other offers. The Belarusian authorities have not yet conducted formal evaluation of the market value of "Belaruskali". The Belarusian side not yet started to prepare "Belaruskali" not for sale at the competition, no substantive negotiations with potential buyers.

Earlier, Russian media reported that one of the new shareholders, "BRIC" Suleiman Kerimov, on behalf of "Vralkaliyu" offered President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to buy a controlling stake in Belarus' Belaruskali "in 7.5 billion.



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