The cave Eisriesenwelt.

In our time, the era of unimaginable discoveries and rapidly evolving technology, people often lack the simple and sincere feelings. Friendship, love, self-sacrifice — it is so small in reality, but in fairy tales everything is very different.

More than half a century ago, HK Andersen wrote one of the brightest stories, the tale of Gerda and Kai. Surprisingly, in Austria there is a place where anyone can feel like the Palace of the Snow Queen. The cave is located in Werfen, located 40 km from Salzburg. Process of erosion of the mountains, through which came to light as a wonderful place, started more than 100 million years ago. Spring streams generated during melting of snow from inside the cave, and the hour is frozen, creating a bizarre ice picture.

For a long time about Eisriesenwelt there was no information. The first naturalist Anton Posselt, visited it only in 1897, and in 1912 his countryman Aliaksandr background Merck continued exploration Austrian. Since then, interest in the cave is not quenched. In 1920, the hiking trails have been built and special closed booths targeting the descent of researchers. Currently Eisriesenwelt each year attended by roughly 200,000 travelers.



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