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The fact that he's tired, wants to tell you your child when for no reason, no reason, apparently, he begins moods and tantrums, because he simply can not handle the bulk on his emotional stress.

From what our kids get tired?

  • From the large crowds

In kindergarten and school children all the time in the collective. And sometimes I want at least a little time alone. Give him the opportunity. Children love to arrange "houses" under a desk or in a closet. Let it sit for a while there, rest, and then he'll come back to you — both literally and figuratively.

  • Separation from parents

Coming back from kindergarten, do not rush. Complete the "long road", consider what has changed in the street compared to yesterday, stop and listen to the birds sing. For the child, it is very valuable minutes. Even if you do not say anything at the same time, just stand up next to him.

  • Of extra-curricular activities

Parents, fascinated by the new-fangled methods of early development, often at the same time determine the child to "read by Zaitsev," chess, English, dance, etc. As a result, the baby that is overloaded intellectual information is often disturbed sleep, it becomes shrill and restless. Think it needed additional training to your kid.

How to relieve stress?

Experienced psychologists are advised to give the child as much as possible for this tactile stimulation. Here are your helpers.

  • Water

Perfectly removes tension shower, bath, and simply substitute his hands under a stream of running water. And maybe your young assistant at the same time will wash your cup? At the same time and in the household use.

  • Clay or salt dough

Try polepit together. Excellent modeling relaxes with his eyes closed. And let your work will be far from high art, the main thing now — just have fun.

  • Massage

This is a classic way to relieve stress. His good conduct before bed, with a fragrant oil in the shadows, under the sort of low, melodious music. Often my mother, who herself was tired of the day, hands are strained, and the tension is transmitted to the child. In this case, try to do a light massage with a wooden bead tassels, soft powder and shot. You can ride on the soles of the feet, where a number of biologically active points, special massage "hedgehog" with thorns. Instead of the "hedgehog" fit and regular walnut nut to crack.

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