The child was born

The child was born.  Photo from

First, congratulations! If you're on this page, it means that in your family or your loved ones in the family happened to one of the most beautiful events — it appeared baby.

But with unlimited happiness you is a sense of anxiety — what to do with your treasure? Especially if you've just returned from the hospital, and every squeak baby makes you panic. My head is spinning frantically thousand andone question.

How to feed a baby? Do I have to swaddle him? How to bathe your baby? Whether to agree to vaccinations?

Recently time Pediatrics recommendations on infant care have changed dramatically. In the days of our mothers and grandmothers, babies tightly swaddled, fed strictly "by the regime," to introduce solid foods too early. Now practiced in more prolonged breastfeeding, feeding "on demand" child, swaddling became optional. Yes, and look after the baby has become much easier since emerged as disposable diapers.

One of the most important tasks that parents should decide the child after discharge from the hospital — the choice Pediatrician. This issue should be approached very carefully: it is precisely the specialist you are going to entrust the most expensive — the baby's health.

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