The collapse of the Russian Be-12 in Ukraine

The collapse of the Russian Be-12 in UkraineThe plane's Black Sea Fleet RF crashed in Ukraine. Killing three crew members, another 1st with injuries were taken to hospital. According to preliminary data, the plane can not cope with the maneuver and rolled over on its wing, crashed.

Antisubmarine plane-amphibian-12 that crashed in Ukraine, fell while landing, told RIA Announcements official dealer of the Defense Ministry, Colonel Igor Konashenkov. "The tragedy occurred when the scheduled flight during the approach to landing aircraft at the airport," rock ", 50 km from Sevastopol," — he said.

Killing three crew members. Another crew member wounded — he was taken to the infirmary Russian Black Sea Fleet. "It is established that the crew members died in the middle of the commander, the second pilot and navigator, radio operator received minor injuries, his life is out of danger. Flight occurred without ammunition," — said the colonel.

The plane crashed short of the runway. It was reported earlier that the premise of an accident could be the failure of the 1st of the engines. Be-12 is actually a hundred percent destroyed — the whole was only a tail section that assist surviving radio operator, said a source in the military investigative agencies. "The car eventually fell near the runway and collapsed almost completely," — he told.

The collapse of the Russian Be-12 in Ukraine

According to an article on violation of flight rules or prepare for a criminal investigation into the crash Be-12, reported the press service of the Head of the military investigation department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. According to authorities, at the moment the crash site was cordoned off. With the coming of daylight, investigators begin to inspect the scene. "From a military unit seized documentation, in accordance with which this was carried out training flight. Recently planned to interrogate technical staff who participated in the preparation of the aircraft for the flight, as the officials running the flight "- said GVSU.

Flew to the scene of the tragedy forensic investigator. A preliminary investigation of the criminal case continues. "The victim crash plane Be-12 was in the battle of the Black Sea Fleet naval aviation more than 30 years, "- he said.

Amphibian Be-12, were previously in service with all the fleets of the Navy of the USSR and the Russian Federation, to the true point remained exclusively in the Black Sea Fleet. Flying aircraft such as the Be-12 ceased to clarify the circumstances of the crash clear.

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