The construction of early warning radar station in the Altai region

In the Altai region began construction of a radar warning system for missile / radar early warning system / type "Voronezh-DM".

  • Radar system of missile warning of "Voronezh-DM"
  • Radar system of missile warning of "Voronezh-DM"

"The builders started work and have by July 1 to prepare the site for the installation of basic equipment," — said the Itar-Tass deputy governor of the Altai region, Boris Larin.

Approximate time of completion of the station — the end of 2016, however, with the experience of the construction of similar facilities, transfer of radar expert on combat duty can be held in 1.5 years.


According to the state armaments program, approved by the President of the Russian Federation, in the period up to 2018, the country provides for the establishment of continuous radar field, which eliminates skipping attacking ballistic missiles in all types of trajectories and missile-threat from all directions. The creation of this field will be achieved by building in various regions of Russia eight radar type "Voronezh" — stations of high operational readiness, capable of tracking range of up to 6 thousand miles on the ground level and up to 8 thousand kilometers in space, which will be integrated into a single system.

To date facilities in Kaliningrad and Leningrad regions have taken up for combat duty, the radar in the Krasnodar Territory and the Irkutsk region are on experimental combat duty. The plan provides for the construction of four stations — in the Altai and Krasnoyarsk territories, as well as in the Omsk and Orenburg regions.

The negotiations on the construction of the radar in the Altai region began in 2010. Of the five proposed by the authorities of the region sites for construction professionals Forces Aerospace Defense considered the most suitable place near the holiday village grooms under Barnaul, in which more than forty years ago, was located air defense missile battalion. Regional authorities in the appearance of a military facility only see the positive.

"This will enable the development of transport infrastructure in the region in the placement of radar engineering infrastructure, power grids. This will give an opportunity to engage our construction companies, who will act as contractors. This high-paying jobs, is the development of social infrastructure, as necessary to construct housing for military personnel with appropriate urban infrastructure. This tax for regional and municipal budgets, which is also important, "- said Larin.

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