The construction of the 110 kV substation Flagman

Ltd. "Vympelenergoproekt" (GC "Vympel") embarked on the design and survey works for construction of 110/10 kV "Flagman", located in the north suburbs.

Construction Customer — GC "flagship".

According to the Deputy General Director of "Vympelenergoproekt" Helena Tayupova, "the complexity of this project is due to the terrain at the site of the future building. Vertical marks — 9 pm Our experts had to deal with a difficult task to place in these conditions of the building and equipment, as well as for the organization of access roads to the substation. "

In accordance with the terms of reference for the 110 kV substation "Flagman" planned installation of two transformers of 40 MVA each. For switching of high voltage circuits will be installed open distribution system (OS) with gas-insulated switches. Four fold closed switchgear system (ISG) 10 kV will be done with vacuum circuit breakers.

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