The construction of the deep-water release of treated wastewater Imereti lowland

Builders started construction of deep-water release of treated wastewater Imereti lowland, and the Adler treatment facilities. Extent release amount 3900 meters diameter reaches 2.26 meters.
With the construction of production used are resistant to aggressive environment of the Black Sea materials produced exclusively by Russian companies. So, all the pipes will be coated with a special issue of internal insulation shell and held special control at the factory prior to shipment to the installation and assembly of the pipeline.

Release experiments fall into a specially designed underwater trench.
An important feature of the new building will be the final part of the issue: the bell-long 267 meters will be sprayed biostoki through many lenses. Thus, the concentration of waste water will be minimal, even near direct spraying.

All engineering solutions incorporated into the project passed environmental testing and is now considered one of the most advanced in the construction of hydraulic structures.

Complete construction of deep-water release is planned for the third quarter of 2011.

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