The construction of the railway to the spaceport East

General Directorate of roads and airfields Spetsstroy Russia (Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State of Spetsstroy Russian SDA") started the reconstruction of the railway station in the Amur Region Ice. From the station, a new railway line will stretch to the village Uglegorsk and further to the launch site Baikonur East.


Deputy Head of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State ATS at Spetsstroy Russia" Victor Primachuk: "The challenge was set — to begin excavation work in January 2012. At the end of last year moved the equipment and on schedule began to fill the roadbed. It is necessary to expand the bandwidth of a station ice, preparing it to receive large cargo. Therefore, we construct an additional railroad at the station, and then is supposed to increase the length of the station and build a new assembly marshal ".  

In Uglegorsk town will be built for the staff of the cosmodrome is planned that by 2018 there will be live up to 40 thousand inhabitants (now about 5 million people). Everything from ice to the spaceport is planned to build more than 100 km of railways and roads, there will be a variety of buildings. Run from the East first unmanned missile plan in 2015.  

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