The court accepted a claim of Sergei Kovalenko


Vitebsk activist failed to get through the court refute the content of the article "To bad, when we feel good," published in the newspaper "Vitbichi." This article considers S.Kovalenko libelous, so he demanded an apology from the editors and from the chairman of the Vitebsk city executive committee.

According to a decision made by a judge of the district court Victoria Leshenko October, activists rejected the claim in full. The judge ruled that no insults or slander in a newspaper article is not, and has not satisfied the requirement of Sergei Kovalenko about the denial of the material and moral damages.

The activists demanded 10 million rubles from the newspaper "Vitbichi" and personally editor Nina Tulinova and Chairman of the Vitebsk city executive committee Nikolaikin Victor, who in January this year held a special meeting with journalists. It was after her in Vitebsk State media there were articles about the act of Sergei Kovalenko — hanging a white-red-white flag on the city's main Christmas tree.

Member of the opposition does not agree with the fact that the article "To bad, when we feel good," written about him as about ordinary street bully: he says he spent political action, which can not be written in a derogatory manner.



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