The courts have postponed for August 5

Cudy of the detained protesters on July 27 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Declaration of Sovereignty of Belarus transferred. The detainees were charged with disorderly conduct (article 17.1 of the Administrative Code) for allegedly using foul language.

14:30 The trial of Catherine Davydik also postponed to August 5 — due to lack of witnesses. Court of activists were taken to the office, so they took away personal belongings.

14:20 The trial of Nikolai Demidenko also postponed to August 5.

13:50 W. and A. Kim Sivchikov police do not give things, and offer to go to the Soviet police department.

Participants of the rally planned to lay flowers at the monuments to Yakub Kolas, Yanka Kupala and Maxim Bogdanovich. It was assumed that the young men of the same age of independence, which turned 20 years old, will read poetry at the monuments.

In the dispersal of protesters were detained and spent the night in jail in Akrestsin Nikolai Demidenko, Kasia Davydik, Andrew Kim and Siuchyk.

The trial Andrei Kim and Vyacheslav Siuchyk postponed until August 5, were not witnesses for the prosecution. Activists were released pending trial.

The trial Catherine Davydik continues.

In the courtroom were not allowed journalists and friends of the detainees.

Kasia Davydik

Andrew Kim


Nikolai Demidenko



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