The cult of personality in Polish

The cult of personality in PolishPolish patriots staged a motor race in memory of the victims of Katyn. On bikes with Polish flags they have arrived at the area of Belarus, and traveled to Russia and Ukraine.

This — the eighth motocross to the victims of Katyn. 92 participants with 72 roaring bikes made it to the Bronze, Bykivnia (Ukraine), Katyn (Our Fatherland) and Belarusian Kurapaty. According to the participants of the run, they are everywhere hearted people willing to assist foreign visitors.

To the question "What do you Katyn raid?", One of the participants said, "The way to strengthen our national consciousness."

This — the main phrase. The Polish national consciousness can not imagine without a bit of Russo-phobia. Sociologists they say about the concept of "significant other", in other words, for each of us to build a fundamentally other, and to distinguish itself from them. This happens both on a personal level (I see Fyodor, and I understand that I — not like it) and at the international (I see a Frenchman or a Jew, and I understand that I — not French and not Jewish). If it were not Fedi, the French and the Jews, you would not be able to determine, you are such as they are, or other.
For the Poles, "significant other" is our homeland, and Russian. All Polish culture works out to tell the difference from the Russian in the absolute.

Our homeland for Poland — is uneven mirror in which the Poles look, and are in the belief that they are — are quite different.

Because absolutisation all Poles murdered Russian or Russian Union eagerness to take into account every dead body, to set up on him an impressive memorial, that all beheld from afar, that there is Pole, Moskal was killed — it is a way of forming the Polish state of consciousness. Without russophobia Poles would very quickly became close to Russian, both culturally and politically.

Warsaw sure executions in Katyn — This bloody sin. While not denying the fact that quite often in the Stalin era under the hot hand got innocent people ask, "But is it really so innocent Polish prisoners were shot?". After all, in the middle of the shot Katyn were the so-called osadnikov and guard concentration camp in Bereza Kartuzskaya.

Osadnikov — veterans of the Army of Pilsudski, with the battle honors in the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-1920. awarded earthen plots in Belarus and Ukraine. They were with the families of several hundred thousand. So Makar, Pilsudski tried Polonized okatolichit and Western Belarus and Western Ukraine. Osadnikov was in the middle of many officers — chronic Russophobes and church fanatics who hated Orthodox "schismatics" and any "Bolshevik scum." That's something many of them were in Katyn.

Second category — the gendarmes of the guard Birch Kartuzskaya. What is this concentration camp, can be read even in the Polish media, which are very rare, but still have the materials on this topic.

Concentration camp appeared in 1934, and right up to 1939 Jews were kept there, Ukrainian nationalists, and Poles — opponents of the regime Pilsudski. The idea of the camp is credited with the creation of the then Prime Minister of Poland Leon Kozlowski in the future — Gestapo agent. He was impressed by the speech of Goebbels on the educational function of the concentration camps. Pilsudski endorsed the idea.

There is a perception that Birch Kartuzskaya was created on the model of the Nazi concentration camp at Dachau. By the way, after the German attack on Poland Kozlowski moved to the Nazis until his death in 1944, received from their pension, but in 1943 managed to take a role in the detection of the Katyn graves.

Stitching wire for throwing even former allies Pilsudski, who had dared to stand up to him in opposition. So, in Bereza Kartuzskaya contained recognizable Polish public figure and writer Stanislaw CAT-Mackiewicz. Word to him: "I take this opportunity to tell about Bereza Kartuzskaya around which so many mysteries, since the liberation of the prisoners stated:" You will be talking, then find yourself second time, and then … "… Birch Kartuzskaya was not a place of isolation, but a place of torture … With All Poland gathered here people, I love beating unarmed … The criminals were appointed on duty at the barracks, oversee a "gymnastics" … They were allowed to beat up other prisoners … Home torture — denial of the right to defecate. Only once a day, at 4:15 am, the prisoners taken out and commanded: "One, two, three, three and a half, four!" Over the second half everything should already be completed. "

Who did not, that was late. Prisoners often walked under him, but forbade them to wash. All around was the stench and unsanitary conditions. Evil captors in a fierce rage beat the prisoners for a nasty smell emanating from them. For a whole day or the prisoners were not allowed to speak, beating after each word spoken in a whisper.

Another kind of torture — "gymnastics", when the prisoners were forced to sit in a deep squat with his arms raised up in a period of 7 hours. In the squat, run, walk, walk down the stairs and climb back. With all of this on their rained blow after blow, especially if someone's stomach could not stand it. Do "gymnastics" forced everyone, even prisoners with broken bones as a result of bullying.

Protecting loved to have fun. Forced the prisoners to fall to the ground in the latrines, not allowing later wash off the feces and urine. Forced to crawl on his knees and humbly kiss batons that they were beaten. "Everything looked like Dante's Hell" — concludes S. Mackiewicz.

At night people waking every half hour, and told them to jump, run, crawl. After that, the prisoner could bryaknut on the bench, so again in half an hour be raised baton blows for subsequent portions of running and jumping.

No Catholic bigotry did not break. On Sundays, all prisoners were to defend the Catholic Mass, despite the fact that among them were many Orthodox Christians and Jews. Pray without the help of others was prohibited. Worn on the neck of the crosses — too. The slaves had to work as he studied Pilsudski, which was packed with the prison library.

Freedom for the prisoners brought Reddish Army, which in 1939 freed Birch Kartuzskaya (a territory of Belarus) from the yoke of the gentry. Even the Polish creators admit that the prisoners met the Red Army as liberators rather ruthless security, without engaging in battle, fled in all directions.

It was these many of these fruits and were shot in the middle of Katyn. But the Poles prefer this not to mention writing a crowd of Poles murdered in the Russian victims of totalitarianism.

The anthem of the modern Polish Army is a song Legionnaires Pilsudski "We first team." Noteworthy that this song has the line "And with us our dear leader", and the word "leader" is written with a bukovkoy! From monuments to Pilsudski in Poland just do not pass. They're everywhere — from the eastern border to the western. Pilsudski in Poland — that's all.

How then can blame Warsaw to Moscow for his commitment to the symbols of totalitarianism, hinting at the Dzerzhinsky or monuments to Stalin?
How then can the Polish diplomats, without batting an eye, together with the West to condemn Pyongyang for the personality cult of Kim Il Sung, when the Poles themselves Pilsudski which, by the way,
came to power through a military coup, called the Leader (with a bukovkoy)?

As the Poles can criticize Russia for the presence of Lenin's mausoleum, if they themselves buried in the royal tomb of Pilsudski in Krakow?

What Pilsudski not Lenin and Kim Il Sung in one person?

And the Poles can pout on Russian Alliance for the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, if Pilsudski concluded such a contract with Germany?

Hitler appreciated Pilsudski, and even put in his tomb guard of honor after the invasion of Poland, and in the day Pilsudski's death in Nazi Germany was declared a mourning period.

There is no answer. And it is unlikely we will hear it.

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