The Dead Sea is dying

Rapidly reduces the level of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on the earth and has healing properties for many years causing concern among environmentalists. Ongoing research, led by researchers at Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University, show that the water level in the Dead Sea rose and fell hundreds of meters in the last 200 thousand years.
Director of the Research Center of the Dead Sea Prof. Zvi Ben-Avraham and Prof. Mordechai Stein of the Geological Survey of Israel investigated the deep well drilled 460 meters, where they found deposits dating back more than 200,000 years. These samples show the past climate change in the region and can be expected to predict future changes.

Salt layers indicated several periods of drought and the almost complete absence of precipitation, which causes the water to recede and gather in the center of Salt Lake. During the last ice age, about 120,000 years ago, the sea is almost dried up, the researchers found, and another period of drought, which was about 13,000 years ago.

Today, the Dead Sea is 426 meters below sea level, and continues to shrink. Despite the historical precedent, it is still a matter of concern, says Prof. Ben-Avraham. After all, the past climate governed by nature, and today the lake is at risk of drying out because of human activities.

What is now happening in the Middle East, simulates dry periods that occurred before, but then again, today it is an artificial phenomenon. And it is connected with the fact that the ever increasing amount of water taken from the river for irrigation before it reaches the Dead Sea. In the end, it stops refilling the sea waters of the Jordan.

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