The death toll at the Love Parade to 19

According to the German police, another 342 people were injured. The victims were the result of crowding on the traditional music show "Love Parade" — a mass celebration lovers tehnamuzyki what happened in Duisburg, Germany.

At the festival brought together hundreds of thousands of visitors to the site but the show was open only one tunnel, the exit from which emerged a crush. As the agency Associated Press, police blocked the approach to the venue of the festival because of perapovnenastsi and announced via loudspeaker systems to those people who do not have room vyarnalisya ago.

Conducted an investigation into the tragedy.

May 30, 1999, in a stampede in the underpass at the metro station "Nyamiha" in Minsk killed 53 people — the majority of girls. Young people that came to the celebration of beer from the Sports Palace, escaped in the transition from the storm. After investigating the case the court acknowledged that the perpetrators of the tragedy is notma.

Or conclusions from the tragedy in Nyamiha?

Nyamiha met relatives of the dead

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