The decree of Peter I on the celebration of the new goda

Translated into modern Russian:
Decree "On New Year Celebration"

7208 (1699) of 20 December, the day of the great sovereign King and Grand Duke Peter A. All Great and small and White Russian autocrat have to say:

"We know him, sire, it was — not only in many European countries hristiyanskih, but also in the Slavic peoples, who with the Eastern" Orthodox "Church nasheyu always agree — as Vlachs, Moldova, Serbia, Dalmatia, the Bulgarians and the most it great sovereign, subjects Cherkasy, and all the Greeks, on which our faith is the "Orthodox" was adopted — all the people according to their years counted from the birth of Christ on the eighth day after, that is, January 1 numbers, and not the creation of the world, with a lot of strife and in the matter of years.
And now comes from Christmas 1699, and the next on January 1st of 1700 there will be a new, reported bet and a new century of age. And for a good and useful things have (sire) continue summer schislyat in orders and in all matters and fortresses from the current writing on January 1st of the Nativity.
And in a sign of good beginnings and the new century a century in the kingdom of the city of Moscow, after due thanksgiving to God and prayers singing in the church, and who happen and in his own house, for the most noble and driving the streets, and the nobles of the houses deliberately spiritual and worldly rank front of the gate to inflict some decorations from the tree and the branches of pine, juniper and elevyh — from samples on what made the arcade and at the bottom of Pharmacy, or whatever you like and decent manner, depending on the location and the gate may inflict.
And people lean on each tree or even a branch of the door or over horominoy its place. And that future is now ripe to January 1, the number this year, and stand to decorate the seventh day of January of 1700 g.

Well yes in January 1 day, as a sign of joy, congratulating each other on New Year and century-century, to inaugurate these things, when the big red square will light a fire fun and shooting will be — then by all noble courts of the boyars, and okolnichy and dumnyi and neighbors, and ward nobles, military and the rank Kupetsky famous people each in his yard from small pushechek, if anyone is, and several muskets or other small guns inflict triple shooting and release some missiles as anyone happen.

And on the streets of a large, where the space is, January 1 to 7 the number of lights in the night light from the wood or firewood, or straw. Where small courtyards — gathered five or six yards a fire place, or who wants to put on the posts one by one, or two, or three tar barrels and thin, and filled with straw or twigs to light. In front of the town hall Burmisterskoy shooting and so the lights and decorate their sidered to be the same. "

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