The development of a supersonic passenger aircraft. Tu-144 2.0?

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  • Tu-144

TsAGI specialists embarked on a range of works to replenish the technological advance on the subject of supersonic passenger and supersonic business jet (SPS and SDS) of the new generation. These aircraft will be able to carry out cruising supersonic flight over populated land. Research is being conducted in cooperation with a number of organizations — Federal State Unitary Enterprise "CIAM. PI Baranova ", JSC" Aircraft Engine "NPO" Saturn "(STC them. A.Lyulka), JSC" Sukhoi New Civil Technology ", FSUE" LII. MM Gromov ", FSUE" SibNIA them. SA Chaplygin. " The work was commissioned by the Industry and Trade Ministry under the "Transport 2011".

Scientists will clarify the requirements for basic transportation problem, the noise in the area of the airport and the level of intensity of the sonic boom, and preliminary recommendations on the brand perspective SDS for local developers.

The specialists will develop a preliminary design-power scheme of the airframe, choose the main structural materials and to evaluate the preliminary mass-dimensional characteristics of SDS, the concepts of air intake nozzle propulsion systems, noise suppression.

There will also be carried out evaluation of the main characteristics of the engine family in the SDS, including a domestic perspective engines.

Will perform work on the assessment of existing methods for detecting and recording the level of hardware sonic boom, to develop requirements for the composition and characteristics of measuring devices required for the certification test promising CDC's sonic boom.

Currently, work is underway for the production of wind tunnel models linking VTS models and air intake nozzles, including sound-insulated device for aerodynamic and acoustic research.

Preliminary estimates of the levels of noise on take-off and landing, beep strike VTS supersonic cruise flight demonstrated the feasibility of the noise-level perspective of civil subsonic airplanes and supersonic cruise flight over populated land.

"This is the first in our country, performed for the formation of scientific and technical basis for the VTS and the SPS in the past two decades, with such a wide participation of the organizations development of aviation technology, scientific applications and flight research institutions," — said the deputy general director of TsAGI — Head complex aerodynamics and flight dynamics of the aircraft, the tf-m. n. Sergei Lyapunov.

Create a high-speed air transport is a very urgent task facing the airframe manufacturers. Its solution can provide a market leader in air transportation in the future. On the creation of supersonic passenger supersonic business jets and a new generation, able to carry out cruising supersonic flight over populated land, working scientists and experts the U.S., the EU, China and Japan.

As a result of numerical, and experimental research design will make recommendations on the brand perspective SDS and the PCA for local developers and aircraft engine. In addition, the base will be updated standards and requirements for such developments, including recommendations to the new Standard for sonic boom for domestic airlines.

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