The development of working documentation of 220 kV Annunciation — Varvarovka

The group of companies "Indastek" started detailed design of 220 kV "Annunciation — Varvarovka, calling at 220 kV switchyard Tambovka (Cranes)." Work carried out in the framework of the investment project to increase electric grid complex energonadezhnosti East Amur region, where the construction of the cosmodrome "East". Construction Customer — JSC "FGC UES".

According to the representative of the group of companies "Indastek" Edward Anan, "At the moment, is working documentation and procurement of major equipment. For construction works union plans to start in March of this year. "

The total length of the line of 220 kV Annunciation — Varvarovka is 106.2 kilometers. Construction will be carried out taking into account the geographical and climatic characteristics of the region in which there are wetlands, rock outcrops, loose soils, flood plains of rivers, areas of permafrost, as well as the possible seismic activity. Because of the difficult terrain on the track has 57 corners bend. On its way, of 220 "AnnunciationVarvarovka" crosses federal highway M-58 "Amur", the railway Moscow — Khabarovsk, multiple of 110, 35 and 10 kV overhead and underground lines of communication, the Zeya River.

At the intersection of the air line to the navigable river Zeya "Indastek" perform special transmission construction, the length of the transition span of which will be 1,260 meters long and transitional supports — 140 meters. In order to provide resistance to ice, and snow build-up for the suspension to move the project adopted a compact wire type AERO-Z.

Construction of overhead lines is in accordance with the Federal Target Program of the Government of the Russian Federation "Economic and social development of the Far East and Transbaikalia until 2013."


The group of companies "INDASTEK" — provides the whole range of design and construction of electric power facilities of any complexity on the whole territory of Russia. Extensive experience erection power substations and overhead transmission lines of different voltage class allows for a high-quality carrying wide range of jobs, from design, supply complete sets of equipment and materials to carry out the construction, installation and commissioning works.

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