The evil genius of man

Sometimes the evil genius of man creates such, as it is impossible to speak without a shudder. Such acts include craft komprachikosov. Once upon a time in Europe roamed this strange tribe, which includes people from different countries. Unites these people quite creepy fish — buying similar. But the worst has already started after the dealers get their goods …

Hunters for children

"Who knows these days the word" komprachikosy "? Who understand its meaning? "- French writer Victor Hugo wrote the phrase in XIX century. And in the XXI century, the word is known, perhaps, only to fans of the books Hugo, described the terrible things this band, terrifying the whole of Europe …
The fate of Gwynplaine, the hero of Victor Hugo's famous novel "The Man Who Laughs", amazes and terrifies has been no generation of readers. With a shudder they get acquainted with the life of this man. A little boy, he fell into the hands komprachikosov that disfigured him — cut his mouth in such a way that it never left a terrible smile. But the most terrible in this tragic story is that in reality there were no less and sometimes more tragic stories.

So who are they — komprachikosy? Translated from the Spanish word literally means "Buyer children." Sellers of live goods was enough: "Since the poor father, released in a manner of an extra mouth, to the slave-profitable to sell offspring of the human herd belonging to him." Purchase is made with a specific purpose and disgusting.

This is how Hugo wrote: "Komprachikosy remain extraordinary and infamous community of vagabonds. Komprachikosy traded children. They buy and sell children. But did not abduct them. Stealing children — this is a different fish. What did they do with these children? They made them freaks. For what? For fun. "

Monster Factory

Author outlines in detail the methods by which from normal human beings were produced unimaginable monsters created for the amusement of the audience: "There were true masters of this case. Of a normal person did freak. The human face is turned into his ugly face. Stunt. Rearranged the child from the beginning. Artificial fabrication freaks made according to certain rules.

It was a whole science. Normal human eye is replaced strabismus. Harmony features superseded by ugliness. Where God has reached perfection, restored a rough draft of creation. Fabrication freaks made on a large scale and includes many varieties.

Komprachikosy subjected to treatment of children like the Chinese treated wood. They have, as we have said, was their secret ways. They had their own special techniques. This art has disappeared without a trace. From the hands of the country's withdrawal komprachikosov being stopped in their growth. It makes him laugh, it made think about.

Komprachikosy with such ingenuity changed the appearance of the child that a father would not recognize him. Sometimes they leave the spine intact, but rearranged face. They erode the natural features of the child, as rip off the mark with a stolen handkerchief. For those who are destined for the role of clown, artfully twisting joints, as though these creatures no bones. Of them did gymnasts.

Komprachikosy not only deprives the child of his real face, they denied it, and memory. At least to the extent to which it was available to them. The child did not know about causing injury. Monstrous surgery leaves no trace on his face, but not in the mind. At best, he could remember that he was once arrested some people, then, that he was asleep and then what he was treated. From what illness — he did not know. He did not remember any burns with sulfur, iron or cuts.

At the time of surgery komprachikosy lulled his victim with some stupefying powder, reputed magic bullet that will prevent any pain. " Children who have undergone this operation, becoming a rare commodity. Bought them for fun and monarchs, and commoners. Some of them lived in palaces, skrashivaya pampered life of royalty, while others moved from town to town, entertaining the rowdy crowds in large areas …

In pursuit of fashion

Komprachikosy bought children at an early age, in two or three years, when the man was still possible to "reshape" for the brutal purpose. I must say that they all were not pioneers in this terrible plastic surgery, is not designed to improve the human and mutilate it.

Victor Hugo said in his book about the terrible Chinese art of "casting a living person." "Two-year or three year old child were placed in a porcelain vase, more or less fanciful, but no cover and no bottom to the head and legs were free. Happy vase was kept in a vertical position, and at night put on its side, so that the child could not sleep. The child grew, so just wide, filling his body clenched and twisted bones all hollow spaces within the vessel. It is growing in the bottle lasted several years. Upon the expiration of a certain time victim is mutilated beyond repair. Making sure that the experiment was a success and that the freak is quite ready, vase broke, and exited a human being who has taken its shape. This is very convenient: you can order a dwarf whatever form. "

In ancient China, children mutilated, not only for fun, but in order to please their rulers. Sometimes children emperors were born with a particular handicap. And obsequious courtiers consciously "rearranged" his perfectly normal children in the image of the unfortunate son of the ruler. If the imperial baby was curled up hand or foot, then the court is hung on the kids shoes that make the healthy limb patients.

Curved spines, deformed skull, extracted teeth, eyesore — all these deformities voluntarily created their children too obsequious parents … We can say that these people also traded ugliness of their children — in exchange for the favor of a ruler and a piece of sweet from his table …

The worst thing in the history of children with deformities — is that even today there are similar "komprachikosy" profiteers created specifically malformations children. And the monsters in relation to their children are their own parents. Many tourists from civilized countries visiting India, shocking spectacle, seen by them on busy streets.

Among the beggars, beggars, stretching for a coin, sometimes there are very strange beings who are not smart enough to create a nature, but he built people. These creepy creatures that can only crawl or walk on all fours, were deliberately mutilated in infancy poor parents — in order to then make money on them — such freaks serves much more money and more …

With inhuman suffering in the eyes on you can see the bottom Spiderman, contortionist, the man-dog … Once they were subjected in infancy savage operations — cut off an arm or leg, or amputate fingers or a curved spine, or otkromsali pieces of skin and muscle. As a result, they became ugly creatures crawl up to you on his stumps or abdomen — in the hope of getting the money for his ugliness …

Naturally, the various organizations for the protection of children's rights sounding the alarm about this terrible violence. In various clinics try to bring these children to normal. But their mentality has undermined the very beginning of life, and return the child freaks in the normal human attitude is almost impossible. Meanwhile, on the streets of Indian cities are constantly emerging new creatures — half-poluzveri …

Author: N.Trubinovskaya
Source: "Hronoton"

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