The existence of the spirits of water

All peoples have long revered by a water spirit world. In school we were all told that most of the earth's surface is covered by water and the human body is 80% water — the relevance of information about the spirit of the water has lost its force.

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Our ancestors understood the importance in the lives of people of the water element, and of course she was worshiped as the life-giving and affable, but at the same time dangerous and fearsome deity. Almost always, the water spirits and deities were female gender, as water is traditionally considered feminine in the universe.

In khakas deity water spirit seemed always in a variety of guises, but almost always in anthropomorphic. There are also fixed on the ancient sources indicate that it was a beautiful woman with blond hair and blue eyes like the water surface. And if KHAKASSIA always had to move the river, they are strongly revered mistress of water.

On the northern Altai always honor the spirit of water and treat it. According to their ancient giving is a woman who likes to sit on the big rocks and combing her long hair with wooden comb. In the ancient tradition says that some couples had to meet: a man and a woman.

The ancient Slavs had the name of the goddess of water, Dan, who was the wife of Dazhdbog, she also worshiped along as her husband. To given sent rain upon the earth she brought a gift bread, which at the time of the Slavs was the most precious thing, but other than bread also donated money, sweets, fruits and vegetables. In those days, just worshiped the spirits of water, reflecting its dual nature: on the one hand, they charitably gave life-giving water the fields, and on the other, if not careful, ruined crops and people.

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