The experiments were classified as «top secret»

Most mysterious experiments of people, full of rumors, speculation and controversy. But no smoke without fire is not known to happen ….

EXPERIMENT "MILLER"First of all, with the exception of the work of alchemists who tried to bring an artificial creature in vitro, truly scientific experiment in this area conducted in the 1950s, the American student chemist Stanley Miller. He suggested that life began in an atmosphere of ancient Earth thanks to the synthesis of complex molecules during lightning discharges. Stanley Fill a large glass bowl with water, methane, hydrogen, ammonia, and began to pass through the medium discharges. Soon "primal ocean", flashing at the bottom of the ball, was dark red with biomolecules and emerging amino acids that are the building blocks for the construction of proteins.

— research on time travel, which allegedly took place in the United States. In 1992, an American engineer Al Bielek told reporters that in his time he was a member of a unique experiment, code-named "Phoenix". Bilek placed inside the magnetron (the device that generates an intense magnetic field) and moved back in time … What is most surprising in the story "The Time Traveler", before the experiment was not his name E Bilek, Edward Cameron. But after returning from the Past Cameron discovered that his name is not familiar to anyone, has disappeared from all lists and documents, to be replaced by another. And friends claim that a child knew him as Bilek. Other evidence to support the existence of the "Phoenix" (other than the story itself Bilek) were detected.

EXPERIMENT "Philadelphia"
— One of the most interesting mysteries of the twentieth century, gave rise to many conflicting rumors. According to legend, in 1943 in Philadelphia U.S. military allegedly tried to create a ship invisible to enemy radar. Using the calculations made by Albert Einstein, the destroyer "Eldridge" set special generators. But during the trial was unexpected — the ship, surrounded by a cocoon of high magnetic fields, not only disappeared from the radar screen, but literally disappeared in the truest sense of the word. After some time, "Eldridge" materialized again, but in a different place, and with frantic crew on board. How reliable this story?

First of Philadelphia experiment was made popular by astrophysicist Maurice Jessup, scientist and writer from Iowa. In 1956, as a response to one of his books, which addressed the problem of the unusual properties of space and time, he received a letter from a certain
K.Alende, reports that the military has learned to move objects almost "out of the usual space and time." The writer served in 1943 on the ship "Andrew Fyureset." On board the vessel, which was part of a control group Philadelphia Experiment, Allende (as he says) is a great saw, had melted away in a greenish glow, "Eldridge", heard the buzz surrounding the destroyer force field …

The most interesting thing in the story of Allende — a description of the effects of the experiment. Since returning "out of nowhere" people are incredible things happen: they seem to fall out of the real of the time (I use the term "frozen"). There were cases of spontaneous combustion (the term "ignited"). Once two "frozen" unexpectedly "inflamed" and burned for eighteen days (!), And rescuers no efforts could not stop the burning bodies. There were other oddities. One of the sailors, "Eldridge", for example, disappeared forever, passing through the wall of his apartment in front of his wife and child.

Jessup investigate: rummaging in the archives, and talked with the military and found a lot of evidence, which gave him the opportunity to express their views on the reality of these events as follows: "The experiment is very interesting, but terribly dangerous. He had too much influence on the people involved in it. In experiments used magnetic generators, so-called "degausser" who worked at the resonant frequencies and created a monstrous field around the ship. Practically it gave temporary withdrawal of our dimension and could mean spatial breakthrough, if only it was possible to keep the process under control! " Perhaps Jessup learned too much, at least in 1959, he died in mysterious circumstances — he was found in his car, asphyxiated
from the exhaust gases.

Manual U.S. Navy denied the Philadelphia experiment, saying that nothing like this in 1943 did not occur. But many researchers do not believe the government. They continued their search for Jessup and got some results. For example, there were documents showing that from 1943 to 1944, Einstein was in the service in the Naval Ministry in Washington. Declare the witnesses, some of whom had witnessed disappeared "Eldridge"
others were holding sheets with calculations Einstein hand, has a very distinctive handwriting. Turn up even a newspaper clipping of the time, tells the story of sailors coming down from the vehicle and melted in front of witnesses.

Attempts to learn the truth about the Philadelphia experiment not stopped ever since. And, from time to time, new tidbits. Here are excerpts from the story of an American electronics engineer Edom Skilling (taped): "In 1990, my friend Margaret Sandys, who lives in Palm Beach, Fla., invited me and my friends to visit
Dr. Karl Laysleru, its neighbor to discuss some of the details of the experiment, "Philadelphia." Carl Laysler, physicist, one of the scientists who worked in 1943 on these projects.

They wanted to make it invisible to radar warship. On board was installed a powerful electronic device such as a huge magnetron (magnetron — generator of ultrashort waves
secret during World War II). This device receives energy from electrical machines installed on the ship, which had enough power to supply electricity to a small town. The idea of the experiment was that a very strong electromagnetic field around the ship will serve as a screen for the radar beams. Carl Laysler was on the shore to watch and control your experiment.

Magnetron when earned, the ship disappeared. After some time, he appeared again, but all the sailors on board were dead. And part of their bodies turned into steel — the material from which the ship was made. During our conversation, Karl Laysler was very upset, it was evident that this sick old man still feels remorse and guilt for the death of seamen on board "Eldridge." Laysler and his colleagues believe the experiment, as if they had sent a ship to a different time, and the ship broke up into molecules, and when there was a reverse process, and there was a partial replacement of the organic molecules in the human body, the metal atoms. "

And here's another interesting fact, which came across the Russian researcher V.Adamenko: The book Moura and Berlitz, was investigating Philadelphia event, said that for many years after the incident, the destroyer "Eldridge" was in the U.S. Navy Reserve, and then
the ship was named "Lion" and sold to Greece. Meanwhile Adamenko visited in 1993 in a Greek family, where he met with the Greek admiral retired. It turned out that he was well aware of the Philadelphia Experiment and the fate of "Eldridge", confirming that the destroyer is one of the ships of the Greek Navy, but is not called "The Lion", as they say Mawr and Berlitz, and "Tiger".

Unequivocal truth about Filadelfiskom experiment has not been established. The researchers of this mysterious stories have not found the main — documents. Much could explain logbooks "Eldridge," but they strangely disappeared. At the very least, all requests to the government and the U.S. military's official response came: "… Find, and therefore provide you with, it is not possible." A ship's logs of support "Fyureset" and does were killed on orders from above, even though it goes against all existing rules.

unique project, allegedly carried out by American scientists. "Computer Mowgli", according to reports that appeared in the press — a virtual personality, created in a secret laboratory. Son of man and woman, the kid is still not a man.

…Pregnancy is a 33 year old Nadine M. runs hard. When the baby was born (parents called him in advance Sid), the doctors came to the conclusion that he was doomed. Several days in the intensive care unit could support life in a tiny little body. Meanwhile, with the help of special equipment carried a mental scan of his brain. Father and mother were not reported this unusual procedure, as the scientists assessed the chances of success as an endangered small. But to the surprise of all, the equipment recorded electrical potentials of brain neurons Sid transferred to a computer, there have healed his surreal (superreality?) Life.

The fact that the baby died physically, but his brain potentials recorded in the car and continue to develop there, first reported by only Nadine. She reacted to this rather calmly. His father, as he literally raved future firstborn, a month showed Sid on the computer only explaining that the baby needs special conditions to survive. When he learned about the heart of the matter, the first was horrified, and even tried to destroy the program of development of the brain Sid. But soon, like Nadine, began to treat "computer Mowgli" as to his real being of the child.

Now father and mother are actively involved in the project, taking care of the "health" of Sid — establish more new programs to protect against computer viruses, for fear that they could affect the brain development of the baby. Researchers have equipped with multimedia computer systems and virtual reality, making it possible to not only see Sid
"Three-dimensional and life-size", but to hear his voice, and even "take the hands" …

Magazine "Sayntifik Observer" is almost entirely devoted to the history of Sid one of their rooms, reported that the project Computer Mowgli "originally wore secret, but then a special commission of the U.S. Congress has decided to introduce the American taxpayer with some research results. Particular title Research Center, conducted the mental brain scan baby not included. But some hints can be understood that it is one of the agencies of the Ministry of Defense.

It was reported that "a computer Mowgli" in the Russian press. Popular science Almanac "It can not be," whose representative attended a computer conference in Las Vegas (USA), said he was there one of the participants of the project — a Steam Rouler. On
According to this expert scientists were able to scan only about 60 percent of the neurons in the infant. But it was enough to brought in the computer information was self-development. Has not done this story without a criminal motive. Some American prodigy who is obsessed with computers over the network managed to "hack" protective design program and copy out several dozen files. Thus was the "unauthorized and quite flawed" brother Sid. Fortunately, the child prodigy "Calculate" and the first attempt in the history of mankind "electronic kindneppinga" was foiled.

Unfortunately, overshadowed by the main details of the project: how to operationalize the scan, how quickly and successfully copied is a development of intelligence, what is the real potential? Americans are not in a hurry to share these secrets. And, it is even possible, they have this very serious reasons. Steam Rouler same conference in Las Vegas
was disturbed and vaguely hinted that the emergence of the virtual daemon written off with a live person can have on our civilization is very serious and unpredictable consequences.

— research on the passage of telepathic signals through a large layer of water. July 25, 1959 aboard the U.S. nuclear submarine "Nautilus" ascended mysterious passenger. The boat immediately left the port and sixteen days into the depths of the Atlantic. During all this time no one unnamed passenger
seen — he never left the cabin. But twice a day the captain sent leaflets with strange znakami.To it was a star, the cross, the two wavy lines … Captain Anderson put the sheets in the light-tight envelope, put the date, time and your signature. Top was a frightening neck:
"Top secret.

In an emergency, the capture of the submarine — to destroy! "When the boat docked at the port Kroyton, passenger escort met, who took him to a military airfield, and thence to Maryland. Soon he was talking to the director of the Department of Biological Sciences at the Department of
Studies of the Air Force U.S. Colonel William Bowers. He pulled out of the safe envelope labeled "Research Center, H.Frendschip, Maryland." Mysterious passenger that Bowers called Lieutenant Jones, took his bag marked "Nautilus". Pieces of paper they
laid side by side, in accordance with the put dates. More than 70 percent marks in both envelopes match …

Well documented in the French journalist Jacques Bergier, "The transfer of thought — a weapon of war," a top-secret experiment of Americans on the possible use of telepathy for military purposes. The article appeared in December 1959, and caused a lot of noise. Showered with denials that "Nautilus" has never been used for such experiments, in the period in question, he did not go out to sea. However, after the publication of similar experiments were repeatedly conducted in various countries, including the Soviet Union (Experiment "Arctic Circle").

EXPERIMENT "polar circle"
— Global Experiment on "distant transfer of mental images", held in June 1994 at the initiative of the Novosibirsk Institute of General Pathology and Human Ecology. This scale academic activities it involves several thousand
volunteers, researchers and operators of psychics from twenty countries. Telepathic signals transmitted from different continents, from special hypomagnetic chambers, isolating the magnetic field of the earth, of the anomalous zones of the planet, such as the "Perm triangle" and the cave of the "Black Devil" in Khakassia …

The results of the experiment, according to Novosibirsk researchers have confirmed the reality of the mental connections between people. "Arctic Circle" — a natural continuation of research begun in the last century. Here is a brief chronology of the scientific research in this area:

…1875. Famous chemist A.Butlerov that govern the study of paranormal phenomena, advanced electroinduction hypothesis to explain the phenomenon of thought-transference.

…1886. British researchers E.Gerney, F.Mayers F.Podmor and to refer to the phenomenon (the first time) used the term "telepathy".

…1887. With expanded justification hypothesis Butlerov made professor of philosophy, psychology and physiology of Lviv University Yu.Ohorovich.

Serious experiments in telepathy, conducted in 1919-1927 academic years V.Behterevym the Leningrad Institute of Brain Research. At the same time, these same experiments conducted B.Kazhinsky famous engineer. Think of a science fiction novel A.Belyaeva "Lord of the World" (1929). The plot of this work is that in the hands of immoral people is an invention that allows you to read and write the thoughts of the people, and transfer using special emitters faultless mental orders. The book is entirely based on scientific ideas Bernard Bernardovich Kazhinskogo. To emphasize this, Belyaev even called goodie — Kaczynski, changing only one letter in the name Kazhinskogo …

Results from Bekhterev Kazhinskim and, according to available data, confirmed the existence of the phenomenon thought-transference. In 1932, the Leningrad Institute of the brain received state task, coming from the People's Commissariat of Defense, to intensify investigations regarding telepathy. Scientific management was entrusted to the
Professor L.Vasileva.

The corresponding order was received, and the Laboratory of Biophysics (Moscow), headed by academician P.Lazorevym. Executor threads ordered by the military, and therefore received the "secrecy" was Professor S.Turlygin. Keep the memories of these people: "We have to admit that there really is a physical agent, establishing
interaction between the two organisms together, "- noted professor S.Turlygin.

"Neither screening nor distance not worsen results," — admitted professor L.Vasilev.

…In September 1958 (according to some publications) on the orders of the Soviet Defense Minister Marshal R.Malinovskogo held several private meetings on the study of the phenomenon of telepathy. Attended by Chief of the military — medical management, Professor L.Vasilev Professor P.Gulyaev and others …

…1960. At the Physiological Institute (Leningrad) organized a special laboratory for the study of telepathic phenomena.

…1965 — 1968 year. In Akademgorodok near Novosibirsk Institute of Automation and Electrometry USSR performed an extensive program of telepathic human studies and animal.

Closed on parapsychology research conducted in the Moscow Brain Institute, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the Institute for Information Transmission Problems (IPPI) of the USSR and in other institutes and laboratories. Secret experiments were conducted with the active participation of the military from using expensive equipment, up to engaging submarines.

…1969. By order of the Secretary of the CPSU P.Demicheva held a special meeting of the Commission to investigate the problems and causes of psychic phenomena enhance public interest in them.
Gathered the cream of the national psychology — A.Luriya, A.Lyuboevich, V.Zinchenko … Before them was a task to dispel the myth of the existence of parapsychological movement in the USSR. Results of the activities of the Commission are reflected in the ninth issue of the "Journal of Psychology" for 1973. In spite of everything, there is still said: "The phenomenon is …"

Confirmed the existence of the phenomenon of global experiment ("Arctic Circle") Novosibirsk scientists. But the mass consciousness telepathic phenomena is still perceived as a kind of fiction, a hoax. Perhaps, because the true nature of this phenomenon is not clearly explained.

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