The famous CSKA goalkeeper Vladislav Tretiak — 60

Legendary CSKA goalkeeper Vladislav Tretiak - 60Vladislav Tretiak celebrates. Outstanding goalkeeper, the best hockey player on the version XX International Federation of hockey 60 years old. All of his titles and achievements hard to list — Three-time Olympic champion, 10-time world champion, 13-time favorite The Soviet Union, and it is far from a complete list. On the ice of the future champion led his mother when he was 11 years old, and since then Vladislav are inseparable and hockey, report "News".

At 60 years Vladislav A. such as vigorous as in '42 back when he was just beginning his stellar career as a goalkeeper in the national team of the USSR. In your own birthday he prepares to accept congratulations from relatives, friends and even former competitors.

Two-time Olympic favorite Alexander Yakushev recalled: "This is a man who long years virtually alone, without changers, played in goal CSKA team at the World Championships, the Olympic Games. Huge load on him lie down, and he bore it with dignity. No coincidence that it has been recognized "keeper number one" of the century. So after such sporting way remains only to wish him health, wellness and health. "

And after all world and could not figure out the best hockey player of the XX century. Tretiak's father did not approve of passion offspring, wanted him to become a pilot. But the young Vladislav already resolved to myself that my life will connect only to hockey. "For two weeks I fell twice in the head, I came bandaged like Chapaev. And he says to me:" What's that? I like you, a pilot, you need a strong, healthy. What's this? As if in battle went, "recalls the hero of the day. According to him, the father sternly ordered him to wear a helmet during the game in order to avoid injuries.

And then there was a dizzying career in sports. In 1968, the Tretiak debuted at CSKA against an implacable rival of "Spartacus." "When I came home, and my brother and I have included a TV set, they heard as Nikolai Ozerov said that now the young born goalie, 17-year-old Tretiak, and in the victory over the "Spartacus" a large fraction of it "- says Vladislav.

Already in 1970, the young goalkeeper took his first world championship in Sweden. During the tournament, he changed the gate of the main goalkeeper Victor Konovalenko, who was injured. And though your own debut match for the national team of the USSR Tretiak lost, but still became a favorite of the world.
A really well the entire hockey world vyznat Russian goalie in 1972 during the famous Summit Series with Canadian experts. Before this confrontation overseas scouts attended the match with the role of Tretiak and with measured emotions went home, confident that goal, "not a goalkeeper, and the hole."

Legendary CSKA goalkeeper Vladislav Tretiak - 60"I actually did not want to play, because for the next day, August 23, I was appointed to the wedding. Naturally, I thought about how I'll come tomorrow, if I let the team to be married. And in general the pre-wedding day is very exciting. And Naturally, I do not really even thought about hockey. A constantly need to think, to aim for the game itself, "- told Vladislav Tretiak.

But first matches have shown that Canadian experts confronted the best goalie The world. No wonder the famous Phil Esposito, even after 40 years, recognizes the greatness of Tretiak, "We have changed the whole face of the game. Impacts of the game forced the Russian hockey players to play as the Canadians, and Canadians play as Russian. This is a tremendous achievement, and at the moment we're all about at the same level . This is really cool! "

Specifically, after a series of Tretiak's name resounded throughout the world, and in the NHL for him were willing to give any money. Each club have dreamed of their own safety gate itself, but for all that the goalkeeper with a Hollywood smile that could spend hours signing autographs and interviews. But the 20-th issue remained true to CSKA and USSR national team. As part of the state team three times he won the Olympics, and 10 times, became the world champion. In 1984, he graduated from the goalkeeper majestic career. He could play on, but chose to go undefeated.

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