The famous ram

"At dawn on July 6 at the different parts of the front pilots gathered at the loudspeakers. Voice of the Metropolitan radio station, the announcer's voice was an old friend — immediately blew the house, Moscow. Transmit reports to your language. Announcer read a short message about the heroic exploits of Captain Gastello. Hundreds of people — at different front lines — repeated that name …

Yet for a long time before the war, when he, along with his father worked at one of the capital's factories of it read: "Wherever you put everywhere — an example." This was a man stubbornly educate yourself on the difficulties people kopivshy forces on a huge deal. It was felt, Nikolai Gastello worthwhile person.

When he became a military pilot, is immediately confirmed. He was not known, but rapidly came to fame. In 1939, he bombarded the White Finnish military factories, bridges and bunkers, in Bessarabia threw our paratroopers to restrain the Romanian boyars from the looting of the country. From the first day or majestically Russian War captain Gastello led his own squadron smashed the Nazi tank columns, in down and carried the remains of military installations, bridges break apart into chips.

About Captain Gastello was already in the flight of fame. People air quickly find out each other. Last feat Captain Gastello will never be forgotten. June 26 at the head of his own squadron captain Gastello fought in the air. Far away across the bottom, on the ground, too, there was a fight. Motorized units of the enemy broke through on Soviet soil. The fire of our artillery and aircraft held back and stopped their movement. Leading own battle, Gastello lost sight of land and fight. Dark spots tank clusters piled gasoline tanks talk about the hitch in fighting the enemy. And fearless Gastello continued his work in the air. But here's the enemy anti-aircraft shell breaks gas tank of his plane. The car is on fire. There is no escape.

What's all the same, and the finish on it own way? Slip until late on a parachute and, once on the ground occupied by the enemy to surrender in captivity to be ashamed of? No, this is not the way. The captain did not Gastello Removable shoulder straps, does not leave the burning car. Down to earth, to the massed enemy tanks he chases a flaming lump own aircraft. Fire for about a pilot. But the earth is near. Gastello eyes, tormented with fire, yet behold the singed arm hard. Dying plane still listens to the dying hands of the pilot. So here is complete at the moment life — not a tragedy, not captivity — a feat! Gastello car crashes into a "crowd" of tanks and vehicles — and long peals of loud explosion rocked the air battle: blow up enemy tanks.

We remember the name of the hero — Captain Nicholas Franzevich Gastello. His family has lost a son and spouse, Homeland acquired hero. In memory forever remains a feat of human, calculate its destruction as a fearless attack on the enemy. "

"Truth", July 10, 1941

Legendary ram

The man who essentially made this feat was called Alexander Maslov. At the point where at the moment is 70-pood monument Gastello, once the remains of Maslow and his crew.

And he Gastello, forgotten by all, is in a completely different grave — with the inscription "unknown pilots." The remains of another 2-yi, who was then with him, to this day she found, smoldering in the Belarusian land.

"DB-3F", in which they were flying — languid machines for the bombing of cities and factories in the deepest rear. And they throw on a column of tanks, no fighter cover. 15 crew perished in the day. After two weeks on the shelf there is nothing left.

In the morning, flew unit under the command of Captain Maslov. Over to the commander has lined anti-aircraft gun, the airplane came on. Maslow gave the command to "parachute" and turned the car on a flaming column, wanted to ram. Do not hit — a blazing plane plunged into a field.

Escape any of the crew could not — height was small. Local residents got pilots from the wreckage, buried hastily.

A few hours later bombard flew link Gastello. The commander machine did not return from a mission. And soon there is a report of the slave Gastello — Vorobyov and Rybasov. Tipo they beheld, as commander of the burning plane crashed into the thick of the German tanks. The fact that Vorobyov only came to the regiment on July 10, no one is bothered. The country was a difficult time. Country needed a feat. The country were required to follow the standards. A Maslow considered missing.

In 1951, to commemorate the heroic date, the Council of Ministers of the Byelorussian SSR remains of heroes has been decided to re-bury, and fragments of the crashed plane in a museum exhibit. Went to the scene feat. Opened the grave. The tomb of national hero Gastello lay Maslov and his crew. But to change anything in the stories was too late. The remains from the grave Maslova in the park and pulled out again reburied — at the general cemetery. And there, where he had previously lay Gastellovskoe put a big bust. Pieces of the plane Maslova was taken to Minsk, Belarus to the municipal museum of the history of the war, and there they stand as plane Gastello.

And all the time, while singing songs about him pioneers Gastello Nicholas himself was in an unknown grave marked "unknown pilots." Three hours after ramming his Maslov Matzke shot down over the village, which is 20 kilometers from the crash site Maslov aircraft. On the burning car Gastello strolled to the same again over the road, wool Germans with machine guns.

The end of the story all the same quite optimistic. In 1996, the authorities finally Maslov recognized. By presidential decree number 636 "For courage and heroism in the fight against the Nazi invaders," the whole crew was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Russia. Again, the general wording of the ram — not a word … Received merit and Gastellovskoe crew members. Then for some reason decided to do the Order of the Russian war.

Legendary ram But up to now in place is a feat Maslov monument Gastello. And to this day Nikolai Gastello committed to the chagrin of historians is not the feat that was needed, lies in the temperate unmarked grave.

Propaganda — a complicated matter, but to deny the fact of the heroism of our Protz who fought for our home with you, thank God no one. Anything can happen in the history of our country, and forgotten deeds and fabricated agitation. Gastello is a household name because he bowed to the ground and all the fallen heroes of the war. The endless memory!

He was flying to battle Captain Gastello
As the proud falcon, above the clouds.
On the wings of an eagle flying storm,
Hail to the metal to bring down on opponents.

But enemy set fire to petrol tanks.
There was an explosion and the plane broke …
It seemed that flies under the sky torch
Like a meteor in a single flight!

Shivers motor in the last shudder,
Around raging storm and thun
There's no time for thought, for breath,
There is no power to lift his eyes on fire!

But the captain of the last will of the whole
Is driving straight at the enemy!

Burning tanks, tanks die accursed,
Thundering metal, knocking opponents off their feet …
Dead captain, and his remains
Lays down the flames around, as wreath.

Thus perished in the battle Captain Gastello …
Remember it forever, my friends!
People, capable of such boldness,
Neither intimidated nor can not be beat!

Music: V. Snow White Lyrics: V. VINNIKOV 1941

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