The famous scout who became a mock Alyosha, decided to give the order, which have forgotten 68 years ago

Legendary scout who became the prototype of "Alyosha," decided to give the order, which lost 68 years ago

Known in Russia Russian war veteran majestically Skurlatov Alexis, who became the layout of the monument Russian soldier "Alyosha" in the Bulgarian town of Plovdiv, will be awarded order Of the Red Star, which bestowed upon him back in 1944 year. Enthusiasts, studying documents in the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense in Podolsk, found the lost documents on awarding the Order, in which there was no record of receipt.

During the war, Sergeant Skurlatov twice bestowed the Order of the Red Star, but the information about one merit was lost. As told Itar-Tass in the military commissariat of the Altai Territory, the first order of the hero got a second — no. It is understood that in September order will be sent to the Altai Territory, where a veteran, and it will be given to Alexei Ivanovich, said Acting Head of the Department to work with the citizens of the Military Commissariat Territory Alexei greasy.

The fight, in which Alex scored Skurlatov occurred in January 1944, when he was at war in the 234th Artillery Regiment, 188th Infantry Division, the 3rd Ukrainian Front. As stated in the premium piece, "moving in combat formations of infantry and not paying attention to artminobstrel," Sergeant, "for a minute without stopping the observation of the enemy, in time to find his gun emplacements." During the coming Skurlatov were found artbatareya, easel and enemy machine gun that killed the fire division.

Legendary scout who became the prototype of "Alyosha," decided to give the order, which lost 68 years ago

In addition, at the time counter enemy infantry and tanks Skurlatov from their own personal guns destroyed a 2-German fighter. Having been wounded, he refused to leave the battlefield while continuing to lead rich enemy firing positions, according to archival documents.

2nd Order of the Red Star was awarded to Alexis Skurlatov for their courage in August 1944 , when he, along with comrades from the enemy defended the Russian observatory with high command, personally destroyed 18 fighter the enemy and captured five of the fascists.

Alexei was Skurlatov layout for the monument "Alyosha" Vasil Rodoslavova due to the fact that in 1944 fought a war in those places — vorachival phone line Plovdiv-Sofia. In Plovdiv, he became friends with a working telephone exchange Metodi Vitanovo. According to one version, specifically Vitanov handed photos Skurlatov architect, who created the monument for this picture.

Legendary scout who became the prototype of "Alyosha," decided to give the order, which lost 68 years ago

The monument is standing on a pedestal 11-meter reinforced concrete statue of the Russian soldier holding in his hand aiming the barrel of a machine ground. Monument was established in 1954 and inaugurated on November 7, 1957.

In 1966, the poet and composer Konstantin Vanshenkin Edward Kolmanovskii wrote the famous song "Alyosha", dedicated to this monument. Until 1989, it was the official anthem of Plovdiv.

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