The German company Pfleiderer AG resumes in the Novgorod region construction of a second production line for the production of wood-based MDF / HDF

After surviving the global crisis and changing the general contractor, the German company Pfleiderer AG resumes in the Novgorod region construction of a second production line for the production of wood-based MDF / HDF, begun in 2008.
At the briefing said President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the German company Hans Overdik, recalling that the plant chipboard works successfully in the Novgorod region since 2006.

According to the head group, the second stage of production, that is another modern and high-tech plant for the production of wood panels MDF / HDF, would have been completed if it were not necessary to change the general contractor — a major international construction company, selected by tender at the end of last year. After working for nine months, the builders made a half-year behind schedule and a lot of errors in the quality of works. And now the work on the construction site stopped renewed: started re-entry and continued settlement construction engineering services. In the creation of new production capacity will reach 500 million cubic meters of expensive plates, will invest about 200 million euros. How significant is this amount, the President proposed to evaluate the concern with an example: the development of an annual production of 23 plants, which owns a concern around the world, invested 60-80 million euros.

Start of production of plates with higher added value, says Overdik, scheduled for late 2012, and then the total production of the group in the Novgorod region will exceed one million cubic meters of wood-based panels per year.

Much earlier — in the summer of 2012 — jobs, having been trained in overseas manufacturing concern and current Novgorod plant will receive 200. As is emphasized by the president of the concern, it is mainly the residents of nearby settlements, and the first settlement Podberezye where the current plant and resumed construction of a new one. Although the plant turning a lot of professionals and Siberian regions. The company then went on to the basics of computer literacy to educate women and give them a job on the commodity exchange. In addition, about 1.5 million jobs will be created in related industries — logging, logistics, maintenance of production. In addition, the company has plans to create a vertically integrated structure, that is, its own timber production and obtain preferential treatment under the 419-th government resolution for large logging companies.

Ltd. "Pfleiderer" is just the largest logger and the only one in the region Lumber that use in the production of low-grade wood (mainly aspen), which is primarily just rotting on the vine. At last year's production of 615 thousand cubic meters of chipboard company needed okolo700 thousand cubic meters of hardwood forest. With the launch of the new plant capacity timber industry, experts have estimated to grow to 1.5 million cubic meters. But it shall be procured or purchased from loggers Novgorod region. This fact is especially emphasized, and the company president, and the governor of the region Sergei Mitin. The latter is particularly noted that the Novgorod loggers will be guaranteed sales, and in the region — a modern world-class company, which can only be proud of.

The Governor also emphasized the significant impact on the content of the revenue side of the regional and municipal (factory is located in the Novgorod region area) budgets. Last year turnover LLC "Pfleiderer" exceeded 3.7 billion rubles, the budgets of all levels of the company donated 96.5 million rubles. With the commissioning of the new production and the doubling of the volume will increase significantly and tax revenues.
As the head of the concern and the Novgorod plant "Pfleiderer" from last year can be traced dynamic growth (10.5%) of demand for the product. Moreover, the large European customers (furniture factories, especially in Eastern Europe), Overdik said, eyeing the possibility of their location near the plant group Pfleiderer AG. That is, in the opinion of management concern, in the Novgorod region is likely the creation of a cluster. However, the company has already personalize the appearance of the region's new furniture manufactures, as noticed that 10-15% of the volume of production of particle boards are now consumed within the region itself, which was not a couple of years ago. On a regional manufacturer of plates, says General Director of "Pfleiderer" Vladimir Kotenyov, regrouped and Novgorod such large furniture companies as "Borovichy furniture" and manufacturer of interior doors hi-end company "Volhovets." So the concern, summed Hans Overdik, is already considering options for further expansion in the Novgorod region.

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