The Germans turned the Czech Republic in the market for child slavery and now criticize her for it

A recent UNICEF report says that the border regions of the Czech Republic transformed into the markets of trafficking in persons — children. Moreover, according to a police psychologist Adolf Gallvitsa, the entire Czech Republic turns into the market with cheap child prostitution — the biggest brothel in Europe


The main consumer of sexual services provided to children, are the so-called sex tourists from neighboring German states of Saxony and Bovary, however, the south of the Czech Republic, has turned into a zone of the slave trade, and is popular among the citizens of other European countries, such as Austria and Italy.

The number of sex tourists reached 100,000 people annually. According to the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Germany, UNICEF patron Christina Rau in Germany: 'It is shocking that right by our side there are shameless abuse of children. "

Topic of child prostitution in the border area of Germany and the Czech Republic was not fresh, but, in the light of the forthcoming accession of the Czech Republic to the EU, which is scheduled for May 1, 2004, acquires new shades.

The border area has long been recognized gray: through it annually in the EU fall thousands of illegal immigrants. This is one of the transit routes of the South-East and Central Asia to Western Europe. While all the joint German-Czech program to combat illegal immigration have not yielded positive results. The same pattern can be observed in the issue of the fight against illegal human beings. According to the Czech secret service, the transit of one person from Asia to Western Europe through the Czech Republic brings recruiters around 5,000 euros. Such an unfavorable situation is one of the unspoken barriers to the entry of the Czech Republic to the EU.

UN expert Catherine Schauer has been studying the situation of child prostitution in the border regions since 1996. She conducted a survey of 500 children who either sold themselves to foreigners, or were compelled, including their own parents.

Between Germany and the Czech Republic there are entire markets where you can buy a boy or a girl of 8 years for an amount of 5 to 25 euros. In some cases, agree on a barter payment for their labor — in exchange for gum, candy, chocolate or cigarettes. Moreover, the market for the sex of the labor market is not only the children of the Czech Republic, but also from the Czech Bohemia, Slovakia, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania and Belarus. But as a rule, they are all from disadvantaged families. In the report there is a quote of one 12-year-old girl: I support the Germans for money in cars. We have no money, and they have.

The Czech authorities have responded to the report of the way and had to respond. Czech Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla described the report as far from reality. We believe child pornography and prostitution serious evil, but in dealing with them should be based on information that is based on the analysis of the real situation. Even more harsh words were heard from the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic Jitka Gyurichovoy. In her opinion, the UNICEF report — is an attempt by some international institutions to make money and justify their existence.

However, Czech Interior Minister Stanislav Gross did not completely rule out cases of child prostitution in the border areas of the Czech Republic, but against the fact that this phenomenon betrayed the character of a mass phenomenon.

In Germany, the prevailing mood of a different kind. A topic that has been simply taboo, slowly enters the pages of the press. The newspaper Die Welt published an article under the title 'child molester in the border areas', devoted so painful issue in relations between the two countries. According to the author, Hans-Jörg Schmidt, the problem of child prostitution in the border areas of the Czech Republic becomes political. That is why the Czech authorities prefer silence, as they primarily interested in the political image of the country, not the fate of the unfortunate children.

The Germans were not subjected to a special challenge studies conducted by Katrina Schauer, a social worker of the German branch of UNICEF, the results of which are named horrendous. In addition, the author cites as an example of journalistic investigation conducted by the Bavarian television crew, in which, in fact, captured the whole process of buying and selling the Czech youngster. The reporter acted as a decoy.

Despite that the Czech authorities report that raids on brothels do not give evidence of the existence of child prostitution. At least this is the opinion of the representative of the Czech Police Forms Kozinova. The Czech side also accuses Catherine Schauer and its social organization Karo that she studied the situation and communicating with children subjected to sexual abuse, did nothing to prevent such actions.

Last week in the Czech Republic hosted a conference of organizations involved in the protection of children's rights in the course of which has been given the following assessment of the situation. According to experts, the years of the socialist regime led to the fact that for a long state intervention in parenting, led to a distortion of family values, the result of which was the prostitution of children, often provoked by their parents.

The UNICEF report it is stated: Women with young sons and daughters are sex tourists, and then put their children in their cars. Thus, in the Czech Republic believe that the prostitution of children — it is a matter of parental responsibility.

The German press assess relations Czechs to this problem as unscrupulous and careless. The solution proposed to deepen and promote interaction and cooperation between police in Germany and the Czech Republic in the fight against the German pedophiles and protecting Czech prostitutes, according NewsInfo.

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