The global world, it is a binary-biological computer …?

Earlier theories, hypothesis-the quintessence (thought) "give light", that is made publicly available (design office …) to discuss and, if found (drawing — formula …) and on the basis of criteria: Usefulness (comparative profit) in the speculation ( fantasy) — theory (formulation) — Practice (transformation of thought from the category of the imaginary in the material) — for example, the production structure and the work of "garment factory" in Ivanov, on the condition of imbalance error-capacity (the maximum range of spectrum) produced materials — and if is there a more "pros" than "cons" in the alleged reasonable — "incorrect" thoughts, depending on the calculation of a positive impact on society (as a result of wealth or lack of) with respect to the representation (the category: fantasy-theory-proof-use … ) with the possible negative (negative: the horror, fear …) effect in the (anti) Change (in any case, losses) areas of society (the state) based on the suggested hypothesis and then taken as a basis, that is the standard (Einstein's theory …) — not to be questioned and valid, but in the future so complicated, most stereotypical thinking "generally accepted on faith," and very easy correctable direction in mind the circumstances of the inertial mass (in the main proved secondary hypotheses build no less important), starting from reasonable comparison rules (analysis audit-like dashboard in the perception of the car) and sometimes erroneous knowledge base with respect to (a description of the physical substance) of this assumption (thoughts) on the example of a balanced meter "steelyard" as a measure for a period of time (chronology — the calendar for example in China ?) theorizes, depending on the overall level of development of the general education system (dominance "accurate" or "humanitarian" science …), matching sibling "Zeitgeist" is permissible in (limited pushed earlier), this theory, hypothesis, except for the emotional background ( arousing instincts), but having in mind to reason as a factor of influence on the adoption of a responsible solution ("to give light") capable of how to promote a civilization (the hard life easier) and take a step back in development (to complicate the traditional way), generally for all aspects of life (social processes), or simultaneously, and is defined as the habitat (way of life) and its improvement.
In support of thought and definition: — "" July "," heat "," mirage "- to limit the intuition imperfect and limited stereotypes of the association, in the phrase -" The global world, it is a binary-biological computer, which is detailed from the definition- increase: a person-family-village-city-region (province) and generalized in the sense of the state … in its repeating copies, but differing only in small visible traits: "geologically natural — climatic factors and the difference in time" talking about the human capacity for survival as a species of mammals in the different conditions of existence!. "In support of the unprovable useful to take these subjects: -" Principles of State and Law "-" The material part of the personal computer "- available to other school subjects …
… For a little comparative analytical example from the source to the example suggests — the software as "Anti …" carry similar functions in a detailed comparison as "Law enforcement agencies of different countries," and similar tools Car (air, rail, and other …) as a way of posts and "copper traces" of the chipset, supporting those same features, even the name of the library and the appointment of full compliance on … So back to the Dogma of the canonical religion in any of its manifestations: — "And God made man in the image and likeness of himself, seven days kneaded and then sculpted out of clay … "

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