The incredible true story

His name was Fleming, and he was a poor Scottish farmer. One day, picking at his wretched field to his family died of hunger, he heard screams coming from the swamp. Farmer quickly threw it boring thing and ran to see — who yells so. A little boy yelled, drowning in mud. Clearly the farmer saved the poor. The next day, a luxury coach drove up to his shack and stepped out onto the dirty yard fashionably dressed for those years aristocrat and introduced his father saved a little boy.

— I want to repay you for saving my son's life! — Pathetic claims this gentleman. Of course a poor but proud Scot denies charge no less pathetic. At this point of the hut pops curious nose offspring Scot.

— Is that your son? — Asks the aristocrat.

— Yes — meets a proud farmer thin.

That's found a way out! Rubbing his hands crafty Englishman offers to give farming synochku education is worse than his. In this and decided to do. Farmer's son was in the best medical schools of his time in London and we are now known as Sir Alexander Fleming, who invented penicillin. Do you think that's it? No not the end. Sonny aristocrat so well pulling out of the swamp, years later came down with pneumonia. Guess what saved his life … Well, penicillin. Do you know his name? Lord Randolph Churchill, according to his son — Sir Winston Churchill.

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