The judge acknowledged that the purpose of the Belarusian Popular Front — Utility


Mogilev Leninsky court partially granted the petition Bobruisk pensioner Raisa Yushkevich against the public association "Belarusian Popular Front" Revival. "Yushkevich went to court to defend the honor, dignity and recover from the defendant compensation for moral damages in the amount of 5,000,000 rubles.

In the elections to the local councils regional organization without the permission of the BPF Raisa Yushkevich pushed it into the election commission. This was the reason for her to go to court.

As it turned out on the court, Raisa Yushkevich — one of the party's founders "Belarusian Christian Democracy". The nomination of the same to the Commission on behalf of the Popular Front movement "Revival" is considered an insult to himself. The court, she said that this extremist organization.

"In the BCD — sounds patriotism, Christian values. I also attach too much importance to this. Belarusian I myself. Patriotism and Christian values are always appreciated. This does not sound the same in the organization of the Belarusian Popular Front. This organization nationalist sense, no doubt," — explains his position Raisa Yushkevich.

Reconciled with the defendant the plaintiff refused. Court sentence Ms. Yushkevich dissatisfied. She is convinced that the truth has brought its entirety.

As part of the precinct commission Raisa Yushkevich did not work a single day. As soon as she found out that her adopted in the Commission as frontovskogo nominee, the written statement of withdrawal from its membership. Despite this, the newspaper Bobruisk City Executive Committee "Bobruisk Life" published a list of fees on its name.

Representatives of the defendant — lawyer Vladimir Labkovich and the head of the regional structure frontovskay Dmitry Solovyov — Yushkevich acknowledged the extension of the election commission, without her consent mistake and a violation of law. For this, they apologized to the woman, but said that this disorder could cause her mental suffering.

Public association officially registered. Goals and objectives of its useful

With the position of the defendants and the judge agreed Galina Tarasova:

"The court finds that this false information, but they do not offend your honor and dignity, because it is a public association — it is officially registered. Aims his favor."

The court ordered the defendant to pay court costs and compensate the plaintiff travel to court hearings — is one hundred forty thousand. Moreover, the defendant must refute false information in an official letter to the Coordinating Council of the city of Bobruisk community organizations.

Vladimir Labkovich

As for the statements of Raisa Yushkevich on extremism movement BNF, then Vladimir Labkovich said he would seek to guide gave it a legal assessment and appealed to the court for the protection of business reputation of the organization:

"Such statements suggest that an association acting illegally pursuing violent means and shall be liquidated, and its members have come under prosecution under criminal law.'s All show in which the zombie state of the Belarusian society. Quite frustrating to watch Government agencies use the weakness of the old man in the fight against the BPF. "

According to the "Freedom" lawyer Vladimir Labkovich Raisa Yushkevich complained not only in court, but also to the Ministry of Justice. July 28 The Ministry of Justice asked the public association "Belarusian Popular Front" Revival "organizational documents for review. Vladimir Labkovich does not exclude that after Check the front will be issued a warning.

At present, Raisa Yushkevich is no longer a member of the BCD. "As soon as we learned that Mrs. Yushkevich with the filing of the ideologues sent to the state court such a statement (it was a month ago, in mid-June), we made the decision to exclude her from the ranks of the BCD", — said one of the co-founders of the BCD Paul Seviarynets.


BNF, the court

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