The kingdom in the depths of the Earth


February 28, 2003 at the mine, located near the city of Jixi (province Heyluts-zyan), there was a rockslide. The owner of the mine initially denied the fact of the disaster, but after the miners' relatives appealed to the authorities, was forced to admit that fourteen miners were missing.

Rescue operations have allowed the body to find only twelve people. Two of them, Hu and Wang Lao Pan, and have remained behind the wall caving, disassemble, that it was too dangerous. The mine was closed, the owner was sentenced to lengthy terms of imprisonment, the families of the dead and missing to assign appropriate assistance.

Five years later, Wang Hu returned home. Miner's no one expected. During this time, much has changed: his wife, believing himself hells, married, older children had left. Wang Hu has happened stoically, bought a new house and began to live, doing gardening. However, after a short time they are interested in law enforcement: it turned out that his family received compensation for his death at the mine illegally. There was a question — why Wang Hu is not made itself felt before?

Wang Hu said he was willing to fully compensate the revenues, and all these years he lived among the mighty Cton inhabiting the depths of the earth.

Such a statement has puzzled authorities. A special committee Wan Hu was sent to the hospital for examination. Doctors have found that Wang Hu perfectly healthy in body and soul, and his account of the years spent no more than a fantasy of a sound mind. However, doctors could not explain it either, where in fact remained miner (which, in fact, was not included in the scope of their tasks), nor why the miner was not the slightest sign of anthracosis. This is a lung disease that is characteristic for the miners, characterized by steady progressirovaniech cases and cure almost not observed. Five years ago, Wan Hu was anthracosis initial stage, and he soon had to leave the profession if he wanted to live the rest of his life is not totally disabled. But returning Wan Hu was not a trace of pulmonary pathology. Moreover, he was thirty-two teeth — although five years ago there were only twenty-five. Wang Hu organism in all respects as the age of twenty-six — twenty eight lay down, but in fact he was thirty-nine.

The competent authorities have launched a thorough investigation. It turned out that in the bank Wang Hu was about forty thousand yuan in cash received in April 2008, two weeks before returning home to miners. Secret search showed that Wang Hu has more than ten thousand yuan in cash, and that is especially alarmed, rough emeralds worth more than three hundred thousand yuan.

It has been suggested that Wang Hu Wang Hu did not, and misdirected agent of a foreign power. The main objection was that the agent of a foreign power in Jixi do it like nothing, and indeed, the traditional spy-residents belong to the past: every year millions of Chinese travel abroad and come back, because the rival intelligence agencies have the ability to recruit agents less exotic way .

It was also found that Wang Hu received the money from the sale of rough emeralds jeweler in Shanghai — actually, he spoke about the miner, the special services only checked the veracity of his testimony. When asked where he got them, Wang Hu replied that he has extracted during their stay at the Mighty Cton.

I had to learn the special services the story told, and later recorded his own Wan Hu.

It came down to this: in the crash, Hu and Wang Lao Peng have been cut off from the surface. About three days they waited for help, but did not hear any signs of rescue (at that time they were not carried out because the owner of the mine was trying to hush up the case.) Suffering from lack of food (and the waters were in abundance), they decided to explore the ancient passages leading into the depths of development. One of these moves, bad reputation, brought them to the horizon, where the work of more than thirty years were not conducted due to the depletion of the coal seam. After going through it, they found another turn. but it is not carried on the surface and in depth. Just in case they decide to explore as well. And there, in the back, they were attacked by strange people — Cton. Despite the fact that the highest Cton barely reached Wan's bad belt (growth miner — meter sixty-two), two miners were defeated and taken prisoner. But they fed their fill — and led further down into the realm of Cton.

How deep they went, could only speculate. Wang Hu believes that the depth is about fifteen kilometers Contrary to the prevailing theories of geology, the temperature at this depth was bearable, and the air — clean. There, in the depths, there is a system of cavities in the form of lenses, interconnected passages. These lenses are up to three thousand paces across, and more than three hundred feet in height. The vaults of the cavities in the afternoon emit faint orange glow (perhaps induced by the flow of a particular solar energy penetrating the earth's crust), that are accustomed to that, you can navigate and perfectly even read. In these caves are huge population Cton, underground people. In one cave lives a thousand people — but that Cton belonged to the human mind, Wang Hu doubts.

Among Cton he and Lao Peng and spent five years. Language Cton not like the Chinese, but easy to learn, and soon the prisoners could easily be explained with others. At once it became clear that they did not consider prisoners. Cton believe that life on the surface there is a great misfortune, and so was Wang Hu and his fellow fugitives seeking passage to a better world. Indeed, Cton not know hunger or disease.

They eat mold, which grows in abundance in the caves. Mold has a peculiar, not without amenities taste and extremely helpful. Both he and the Lao Peng very quickly felt the rush of mental and physical strength, both a change of teeth — a common cause for Cton, teeth underground people are changing every twenty — twenty-five years throughout life, which is rarely shorter than two hundred years, and that's longer and much longer — often.

Cton perfectly folded, Cton not mean physically weaker than the surface of the average man. Of the different types of mold Cton made fabric and sturdy paper on which they write. Know Cton and metallurgy, iron but are rare, they have more in the course of bronze, silver and gold. Cton not recognize the luxury and cost a minimum of things that are turning very carefully and accurately.

Wang and Hu Lao Peng lived a full life, have got their wives and then the offspring. But Wang Hu longed for the sun. Cton nenazoylivo tried to dissuade him from returning to the surface, but did not hold. Conductors volunteers brought it to one of the Great Cave, where the hole connecting Cton kingdom (kingdom — literally, in Cton monarchical system) with the surface.

This is only part of the story Wang Hu. Miner declared insane, but concluded not to the provincial hospital and put on a military base, which in itself is quite unusual, and makes us suppose that the Chinese authorities reacted to the story of Wang Hu much more seriously than they deserve "fancy a healthy mind."

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