The laser in the hands of a fighter

The laser in the hands of a soldier

The results of strategic exercises "Vostok-2010" showed that the policy of giving the armed forces a new kind of chosen the right. As said by summing up the maneuvers of the Chief of General Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov, he is far from thinking that there will be mistakes and errors. But the fact that the movement is performed in the right direction is already positive results, there is no oscillation. And yet there is one question that no one has yet given a precise answer: how to prepare for one year from the recruit experienced fighters? One thing is clear: the lack of a hard time, all will play a huge role educational facilities. How does it meet the new requirements?

Now, when not long enough timeline changes of the Armed Forces and therefore tougher demands on their equipment, readiness, the development of training facilities (SBA), and technical training becomes an important factor in the increase of property prof level military and combat training of troops.


I recall generally accepted theory is unrealistic to develop sverhtehnologichny means of armed struggle, modern forms and methods of warfare, not having the latest tools of learning. No instructional techniques do not make up for the absence or the imperfection of the desired SBA.

In this case, conducted by the Ministry of Defence work for equipping military units of modern training facilities capable of in rather short time and with the required quality to provide training troops on their own intended purpose to imply that at all it will not be forgotten already excellent time-tested training methods. Coupled with the fact the formation of structures and systems using the SBA in a new form of the Armed Forces has demanded the introduction of other concepts, definitions, and definitions, processing a number of guidelines governing the use and security.

In the order of the Minister of Defense "On the basis of training and material of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation" was produced its systematization. Regardless of the difficulties and challenges of volumes field SBA Sun now includes the following items:

— polygons military districts;
— combat training centers and the introduction of military services and arms;
— ground-air landfills air force and naval aviation Navy;
— educational complexes formations, military units and military schools.

This systematization of that relating to the stages of their training, the units and formations in general, the system determines the use of SBA in the training of troops (forces).

Thus, school campuses, placed in the ground unchanged dislocation compounds (training centers, military facilities Professor of Education) consisting of educational buildings (classes), training systems, prikazarmennyh and field training facilities, will ensure the preparation of individual military personnel in the field, will also work questions of their joint action in the regular departments, platoons, companies (batteries).

In the centers battle training and combat the introduction of services and arms aircraft to land-based aircraft landfills Air Force and naval aviation Navy conducted training aircraft crews, departments and units of all types of aircraft, training and settlement air defense systems and systems practiced acts of units and formations Defense Forces, missile troops and artillery.

The main purpose of the military districts of polygons as the largest object field training facilities of the Armed Forces — To ensure that connections of all types of aircraft tactical exercises with live fire and the use of different weapons in the criteria, it is very close to the fighting.

In the future, based on the polygon is scheduled to make combat training centers (one in each military environment), which will not only prepare the troops in the field and carry out tactical exercises with real ammunition expenditure or use of laser shooting simulators and destruction, and, most importantly , to simulate combat actions at any theater. One of the main criterion for the functioning of these centers — the creation of systems impartial monitoring of the results of combat training, on the basis of which should be issued methodological advice commanders of corrective training is not only the divisions, and each soldier. And for training activities in the mountain criteria is scheduled to form the North-Caucasian military mountain training center surrounded by the Armed Forces.

This separation of the training facilities is building a harmonious system not only how to use its facilities, and supplying them with the necessary real and technical means. Over the last couple of years the great work on the creation of modern kits range equipment based on the latest information technology. This will allow to ensure its portability, ease of use and durability in use. Thus, a number of field sites of fire training ground and air assault forces are already operating automated systems that facilitate various targets of the situation with a lot of goals, obtain impartial information about their defeat.

In 2009 began the planned delivery troops Autonomous mobile radio-set range equipment with a huge radius of the act, which is particularly effective in the organization of fire and tactical training in mountain criteria and in unprepared terrain.

To replace the plywood targets, manufactured troops still "old-fashioned" way, come reusable polymer target, produced by enterprises of "Oboronservis." Their advantage is too high maintainability and low depending on the weather influences. Industrial establishment of such targets will reduce the time, effort and money, free up staff from performing tasks uncharacteristic for him. About eight thousand of these products have already passed the test operation in landfills across the country.

The modern ideology of technical training determines that one of the more promising areas — the creation and implementation of the troops software and hardware systems for training in the specialty of individual soldiers and units (crew, settlements, platoons, companies) in general, and controls tactical unit (battalion, brigade).

It becomes clear that the age of the single simulators already ended. Computer technology, three-dimensional natural modeling can be used extensively in combat training centers, providing a different degree and in all of the criteria for deployment modeling standard weapons and military equipment on the background of the tactical tasks.


At the current time in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are already being received such training complexes. This is the first relates to the provision of training sverhtehnologichny specialties such as seafarers Navy flight and engineering staff of the Air Force and the Navy Naval Aviation, Special missile systems. Trainer funds not counting the training provide the opportunity to improve existing and restore lost abilities, achieve an impartial assessment of military preparedness professor in the specialty at the time of exercise. Glad that they have already started to receive in the military units of general-purpose.

In the study of the experience of leading the armies of the world possible to see that in almost all countries of the modern technologies are widely used to prepare the units. Learning tools are mobile, allowing to carry out activities not only in the same Fri deployment of troops, and in entering the landfill. In particular, such methods
are widely used and forms of management in making its NATO peacekeeping forces operating in unfamiliar terrain and in all weather criteria. The effectiveness of training of troops, and their training in the implementation of these technologies has increased significantly.

Thus, in the armies of the U.S. and its allies used a simulator for training mechanized infantry branch of "Cube". It has shown its effectiveness in carrying out infantry soldiers and single sessions in the office. The development of "Lockheed Martin" provide coordination of crews of armored vehicles, infantry and tank units without the use of real weapons and equipment. More efficient systems are impartial monitoring of the fruits of the exercise, allowing to carry out bilateral tactical exercises with the closest approach to the real conditions of combined arms combat, impartially assess the level of readiness of units.

The ability of Russian industry, the merits of our science also allow us to equip troops (Force) with modern teaching aids, which are not inferior to the main aspects of his zabugornom counterparts. Take, for example, the system of tactical training, which is one of the main elements of the laser simulation shooting and destruction, automatic tracking of the units in the training of the necessary data for the head of the teachings of the analysis classes.

We have developed requirements for the trainer to train infantry branch, in which, unlike zabugornogo analog module provides combat vehicle crew compartment that will allow to wrap a wide range of tasks for such units. The development of this simulator is scheduled to begin next year.

This year ends with a number of development work to create a unified simulator for the entire line of armored vehicles, systems for training of professionals and training managers army air defense command. In this case one of the design criterion — a simulator must be performed both in stationary and mobile variants.

On the approach of the modern training facilities for naval aviation and shipboard personnel of the Navy, Air Force tactical aircraft, the Strategic Missile Forces mission, Gallakticheskih troops. Such agents are able to provide a single military training and coordination of crews (calculations), the units and the refinement of combat and command posts Fri, teach military authorities interoperability, rassredotachivaniya tasks on the basis of a plan in a single system simulation.

Another important directions of — control over the organization and the quality of training of troops. For this work to develop ACS, which will facilitate the analysis of the results of combat training, will accelerate the adoption of the respective decisions and the development of the necessary tips will allow in the "online" act to correct management classes. In the period 2010-2011, the planned construction of an experienced district of such a system in the vertical joints of the combat training to be placed on the ground several military districts.

How unfortunate it did not sound, for a number of impartial circumstances we have not managed to solve the puzzle absolutely retrofitting SBA. To develop common approaches to solving this difficulty, in March 2010 in Tula on the production base of "Tulatochmash" was held V Scientific Conference on the development of the short-term technical basis SBA general purpose forces ("military-industrial complex», № 14, 2010) . The conference was part of more than 40 enterprises of the defense complex of the Russian Federation, the management of relevant authorities Defense Ministry and other security agencies Russian Federation.

A number of agreed solutions aimed at the unification of modules and components of technical training, produced by different companies, lowering the costs of creation and therefore product prices.

In addition, in order to free the military from performing at landfills uncharacteristic planned transfer of the functions of these works outside organizations on the criteria of outsourcing.

This perspective, but they are achievable if the will be the full range of these tasks to upgrade the SBA, equipping it sverhtehnologichny training complex. That will create the right environment for a new technological breakthrough in combat training.

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