The legacy of their ancestors. Part 2


Who We Are — The Slavs and Aryans? They arrived on planet Earth?

In one of the battles of the Great Assa spaceship like "Vaitmar" carrying settlers, was damaged.
Vaitmar called intergalactic spaceship ("Big Sky Chariot"), capable of buffering "in her womb" to 144 spacecraft Wightman.
Wightman — it spacecraft ("Little Heavenly Chariot") adapted to travel directly between the Earth different solar (star) systems and landing on them.

Damaged Vaitmar was at that time in the system Yarily-Sun. Two Earth — Oreya (Mars) and Dey (stayed asteroid belt) — of our solar system have been populated, they disposes of space navigation and communication. However, these habitable Earth then being much further from Vaitmar than unexplored and uninhabited Midgard-Earth.

In addition, the Midgard-Earth had two moons, almost matching the parameters with moons Ingard Earth, from which it was originally part of the crew. Therefore, the Midgard-Earth spacecraft was sent scout, who managed the third attempt to deliver to the board Vaitmar samples of air, water and land. Analyses showed the suitability of the Midgard-earth to life. Vaitmar remained in orbit Midgard-Earth, and landed a part on Midgard immigrants.

Vaitmar crew consisted of four genera of the Allied Lands: da'Ariytsy, h'Ariytsy, Raseny and Svyatoruss.

Moreover, pilots were representatives da'Ariytsev. H'Ariytsy responsible for kosmonavigatsionnye calculations. Svyatoruss engaged in life support systems, the ship conducted damage control. Raseny answered on the ship for servicing systems.

All crew members were people with white skin and the growth of more than 2 meters. The highest were h'Ariytsy. The people of each of the clans were differences not only in growth, but also in the color of the iris (iris), in hair color and blood type.

Da'Ariytsy have silver (gray, steel), the color of eyes and light brown, almost whitish hair.


H'Ariytsy have green eyes and light brown hair.

Heavenly (blue, cornflower blue, lake) color of eyes and hair from whitish to dark-brown — in Svyatoruss.

Raseny have fire (brown, light brown, yellow) eyes and dark brown hair.

Eye color depended on whether the spectrum of the sun light to people on Earth, where they were born. Aryans differed from Svyatoruss Rasen and by the fact that he was able to recognize where the false information (Injustice), and where — true. This was due to the fact that the Aryans had the experience of war with the dark forces, protecting the Earth.

From Earth Oreya (Mars) has arrived Wightman, who took some of the passengers to the station Oreya for transplant to another Vaitmar and continue the path. Part of the settlers remained on the Midgard-Earth because many liked the land on which there was, at the time of other people, and there were only animals and beautiful plants. In addition, until help arrived, some persons had been born "earthly" children.

After repairs Vaitmar continued its path space (Gods returned "to heaven"). All those who remained on the Midgard-earth began to call themselves "Az am the" ie "I Bozic, Si-N (Daughter) of God." Ase or Aces — the essence of the gods who live on Earth. Immigrants remember their ancient ancestral and called themselves not only as "Dazhbogovy Grandchildren", ie descendants of those lineages koi lived under Dazhbog radiance of the Sun. Over time, the inhabitants of the Midgard-earth, became known as the Great Race or Rasichi, and those living on Ingard-Earth — ancient race.

Ancestors or Aces, as they called themselves, resulting in a forced landing spacecraft were on our beautiful planet and to live here forever. Began development of the Earth representatives of the Great Race of the Slavs and Aryans. Mainland, which was selected for settlement on Midgard-Earth, was named star travelers Daar — gift of the gods.


This continent is on the north pole of the Earth. Various writers in Slavic theme, called this country Hyperborea, Arctis, etc. At that time, the Earth's axis was located perpendicular to the plane of its orbit around Yarily — the sun and the sun always shone because Asam, to do good in the world. No wonder the best men of his profession, we still call aces (flying ace, ace driver, ie, flies, drives like God).

Sacred Country Da'Arias was divided into four rivers: Rai, Tula, and SMAD x'Appa. A copy card Daarija that was copied Gerhard Mercator in the Middle Ages from the wall of one of the Egyptian pyramids at Giza. Each of the Slavic-Aryan Clans had to stay its territory (province), bounded on two sides by rivers. All four rivers flowed into an inland sea. The sea was the island where the World was a mountain (Meru). Was built on the mountain city of Asgard Daariysky and great pagan temple (Temple). Asgard is translated as the City of the Gods, who live on Midgard-earth.

SVETOMIR (three Leonid), Elder "Slavic tribal communities of Wisdom", Rostov-on-Don.

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