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For centuries, mankind has tried to find an answer to the main questions of existence: life, death, immortality. On this account there and there are a lot of opinions and views, mostly wearing a mystical character. The oldest and the mass of them — is the doctrine of successive reincarnation of the human personality or soul in time. It is beyond the scope of tradition and faith inherent in the people of the East, Africa, America and Australia.

The chain of rebirths, called reincarnation, were interested in Europe. For example, in ancient Greece in this direction have worked mathematician and mystic Pythagoras, philosopher Plato. The early Christians also recognize the need for reincarnation, believing that the person in one lifetime can not reach the high level of perfection required for the existence of spiritual beings in the world.

At the current scientific literature reincarnation due to the presence of human genetic memory. The researchers argue that the information about the past is fixed in the cellular structures of the human brain, namely, in the subconscious.

Travel to the past life

Using the techniques of religious philosophy of India to solve the problems of life and death for a long time in Russia is engaged in Eugene Zuev, chairman of the section of bioenergy massage Petersburg Association of applied parapsychology.

— Look at this parrot sitting in a cage, — says Evgeny I.. — He was born in it, got used to it. He can not imagine life outside the cell. If it now to issue out of it, it would seem that his life was over. But it is not. It ended only life parrot in a cage.

So people. Not knowing what awaits him after death, he is afraid of her arrival. But people remember their past lives and a sense of arrival that we call death, behaves differently. Do not believe me? Now see for yourself. There are several ways of introducing people in his past life. I'll go on the most simple. I will like antenna that connects my assistant Julia (she agreed to "travel" in their lives) with Ethereal. Through me, it will go into what is called an information field.

Zuev suited to lying on the couch assistant, puts his hands on her head. Then, abruptly withdrawn. I hear it all of a sudden become a firm voice.

— You are now thirty years. What do you see?
— Familiar man.
— You're 20 years old. What do you see?
— School.
— 5 years.
— Red Square.
— 2 years.
— The dishes.
— 1 year.
— Bed.
— 0 …
— I'm nobody. I am, but I have not.
— Do you agree to go to his first incarnation?
— Yes.
— When were you born?
— In 1584 near the North Sea.
— You're 10 years old. How do you live?
— Okay, but I broke my arm hurt.
— You're 15 years old. Do you love someone?
— Yes, the boy next door. With him we walk in the woods.
— 17 years. How are you?
— Poor. I was married to a man who is older than me by 10 years. Married in the church. There was also a boy. He was crying, me too.

Julia says, even monotonous voice. Her expression did not change, but I see her eyes slowly filling with tears.

— 30. Do you have children?
— Yes, two boys.
— 40. How do you live?
— Bleak. Children do not like me.
— '43.
— I am a fan.
— '44.
— I am a fan. Rarely get out of bed.
— 45.
— Do not get up. Fade away. Death.
— Do you see yourself in a coffin.
— Yes.
— How you feel?
— Better than a wedding.
— This incarnation of Yulia was very unfortunate. So send it back in one — explains Zuev. — Do not need to have her left after the transformation only negative feelings left over from past lives.

The next incarnation was more favorable. It turned out to be Julia boy named Oscar. At 20, he became a warrior. At 30, he married his girlfriend. Children were not — God has not given. But he lived with his wife well. Was rich — he inherited a large estate. He died peacefully at age 80 in his sleep.

Then he was the reincarnation of another girl, Elena. Previous life, she was different, when unsuccessful, and when such that it could only envy. The last she did not even want to leave long. Zuev spent a lot of time and effort before he was able to get her back into our lives.
The memory of ancestors

Challenges of transformation and gene involved in memory as a group of UFO researchers led B.Bogomyslova and Ivanovo. With deep hypnosis were reincarnated in their ancestors almost 40 subjects. The results allowed the scientists to give a new explanation ufologists phenomenon of genetic memory.

Especially interesting was the immersion in the young man's memory of his ancestors N. Under hypnosis, he inspired, that he — his own grandfather. In the pre-interview the researchers found that the boy knew about him is that his grandfather went missing during the Great Patriotic War.

Caught in the image of his grandfather, the young man spoke in detail about the daily military life. Being in a state of regression hypnosis, he "lived" front-line trenches of life in Moscow in 1941, asked the questions surrounding his companions and received answers. In this experiment, we found out that the boy's grandfather fought in the 17th Infantry Division.

Scientists want to trace the fate of his ancestor and were consistently asking him questions: "Today, October 10, 1941. What happens on this day? Today is October 15, and so forth. " Whenever the young man replied that he heard rumblings of gunfire, and his face every outstanding response became more serious. When he was told: "Today, October 20," he breathed heavily, tears rolled from his eyes. The young man could no longer answer questions.

Experience immediately interrupted, and the boy was taken out of the state of hypnosis. The findings of the research data on the young man's grandfather scientists sent to the Central State Archive of the Soviet Army. There has been obtained the answer: Private N. really fought near Moscow in the 17th Division, in October, had been badly wounded, and missing later in 1943.

From the inquiry relatives found out that not a single letter from the front, they did not get, and how and where the division fought grandfather did not know. Most of all, the scientists struck by the fact that all that happened was with his grandfather after the birth of his son, the father of the young men of the test. Consequently, this information could be assigned to it by a gene.

True Stories

With the memory of past lives are faced not only by scientists. Here, for example, what happened in the family of a young woman Lyudmila. Young son Kostya unexpectedly announced his mom that he had once lived on earth and then his name was Sergei. In 1981, the commander of the reconnaissance captain Sergei K. was sent to Afghanistan and died there. Now his soul is returned and was embodied in her son Kostya. The child bore his mother, as she thought, imaginary stories. But here was a case that forced a woman to believe in the miracles of transformation.

On a visit to Lyudmila unexpectedly dropped her old friend, Lieutenant Colonel Basil K., who fought in Afghanistan for several years. Before he had time to cross the threshold, as the son of Ludmila joyfully shouted, "Hey, Vasek!" Lieutenant Colonel was surprised and offended with Kostya continued: "Oh, Vasek, Vasek, do you forget our regiment, which was the assistant chief of staff? "Zelenka" under Pandsherami in which so many of our boys were killed? "

According to Lt. Col. surprised baby. But more than that he was stunned when he learned that Lyudmila had no idea that he had served in Afghanistan, and therefore she could not tell her son.
Had a long talk and a little boy passed through fire and water war. Before leaving, the lieutenant colonel said Lyudmila, Kostik that is familiar with the combat operations that their regiment spent in Afghanistan, and with details that no one knew except those directly involved in the fighting. In general, the child focuses on the tactical and strategic terms, even at the level of company commander …

About the reincarnation of the living dead person in spoken and written long ago. Just for a long time, the topic was taboo for the residents of Soviet Russia. Especially a lot of examples described in those countries where broad and strong belief in reincarnation. For example, in 1954 a three-year boy Jasbir Lal Jet, who lived in a poor village, located near the Indian city of Vehedi, died of chickenpox. When all was ready for the funeral, his body suddenly came to life. Identity of the boy after his unexpected death and resurrection changed completely. He not only spoke with a completely different accent, but also for the parents suddenly told that his name was Ram Tyagi Sorba. That was the name of the son of a respected Brahmin family, who died in an accident at a time when he died Jasbir Jet. In the opinion of all the others, in the body of a boy who died of smallpox, inspiring soul Sorbo frame.

New Jasbir was taken to the village, where, he said, he lived in another life. He recognized and called by the names of their relatives. All the villagers agreed that the boy could not invent anything.

Another story. In 1981, Romy Gris — a girl from Des Moines (Iowa) admitted to her parents that she is in a past life was a man by the name of Joe Will. A few years ago, he crashed a motorcycle, leaving his wife and three children. Little Romy begged to go with her parents in Charles City and visit her former family.

The girl's parents — devout Catholics who do not believe in the idea of reincarnation, were opposed. And yet, on the recommendation of a psychiatrist Hemendra Bennerdzhi visit was organized in Charles City. During the trip, the girl called correctly everything that she saw around, and found her former home. A widow who lived in it Joe Williams confirmed that her husband really died in a motorcycle. Details of her personal relationship with her husband coincided precisely with the stories of girls.

Very impressive and convincing memories of past lives was a meeting in 1983 of journalist Ray Bryant and physician-hypnotist Joe Keaton. The journalist decided to write an article about this abnormal phenomenon have to try regressive hypnosis on yourself. And so it happens that the journalist has become the most interesting of the "experimental" psychic. Under the influence of hypnosis Keaton felt like a soldier first Reuben Stafford, member of the Crimean War with Russia. After the session, two assistants Keaton found documenting the life of Ruben Stafford told by them on a session of hypnosis.

Scientists have debated

Interest in reincarnation is now greater than ever. Recently, a lot of people who say that they are going through another account life. Skeptics argue that the source of the memories of a past life is defined by the ability of the brain to store in the far reaches of the information that we had to learn fleetingly in his only life. But they can not explain the specific cases listed reincarnation.

According to scientists, the results of the experience that best explains the hypothesis of the existence of the information field of the Earth, its kind of information the bank where there is a gradual accumulation of data on every person and of all the events that have occurred on Earth. Ufologists believe that these events do not disappear, but remain in the nature on the energy-level, but in a different space-time dimension. A person in an altered state under the influence of hypnosis, gets outs on the info box and finds out information about the past.

It should be noted another pattern identified in the process of conducting a series of experiments. Some subjects easily enter a state of altered consciousness, but found themselves unable to be reincarnated as their ancestors. They are like, "wandering" in the pitch dark, unable to establish contact with their memory. After further questioning, it became clear that these apparently healthy people had parents who suffered from alcoholism or drug addiction.

Hence, alcohol and drug abuse not only destroys a person's personality and cause various defects in children. They have destroyed their past, and therefore the past of all their descendants in the information field of the Earth. A break down, to destroy the past — which means deform, mutilate their children's future.


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