The mystery of necromancy

If you know some basic knowledge of the occult, which describes the many processes that occur to a person after his death. Each rite contrary to the laws that have long been known to science. After all, how the ceremony itself, a person dies, his physical body for a short time left on earth, and the astral body of subtle matter rises to the underworld.

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The soul of man eventually rises to levels even higher, and the astral body remains in our world in the form of a corpse. This is similar to the physical body of man keeps himself strong enough to death he might grow a mustache, hair, nails, and the astral body of a man carries a spark of life.

He also characterized by craving to return to the earthly life, and it will suck the energy and blood in order to prolong the existence of the Board so far as possible. It is on the basis of this fact is based mediumship and spiritualism, it was he who explains some of the mysteries of the ghosts that come back to our world to hunt for the particle energy.

Why did the dead bodies of necromancers? Let's try to understand the mysteries of the old rites, can in them — we will find a clue.
Necromantic rituals description can be found in ancient Rome, during the reign of Nero. Sextus Pompey decides to apply to the dead in order to know what to expect in the future. The ceremony carries Erihto, just for this terrible ceremony witch needed a fresh corpse.

Such a body is found quickly for the ceremony, witch reveals the corpse and pours it into the veins of liquid that consists of menstrual blood, foam rabid dogs, hyenas hump and inside lynx. It is this mixture and spell returns a corpse to life, after which he answers all the questions, is awarded a corpse that his body was burned, and the spirit of witchcraft ever released.

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