The natural world. Life with gorillas watch online

The natural world.  Life with gorillas watch online
Nature constantly struck our fancy their masterpieces. Many of them were created over millions of years. In this movie you will learn about cool places and their inhabitants. Nature in these places pristine untainted, unspoiled by man. This series about feral nature twice awarded the prestigious television award "RTS Award". Great job of the operator and the full knowledge allow directors to conduct experiments when applying one or another theme of the series. Episodes in which the interaction and lead people and animals, focusing on different common themes.

In this episode: We used to watch them in zoos, and they have long been not seem to us a miracle of nature. But so far we know little about the life of gorillas in natural conditions.
To find out all about the habits of western lowland gorillas brave woman naturalist sails away in the very heart of Africa, in the impenetrable thickets of tropical Congo.
But to uncover lurking these cunning and elusive animals, not enough to be an ordinary observer. To study the habits of a pack — you need to be part of a pack.

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