The Netherlands DECIDE TO BUY F-35

The Netherlands DECIDE TO BUY F-35
Netherlands September 17 announced that the country has chosen fighter F-35 as a substitute fleet of combat aircraft F-16, said the same day Defense News.

This choice was made after a 15-year-old «Odyssey» when the Netherlands ranged in choosing promising Air Force combat aircraft. «F-35 is an excellent choice for development obmyslennym sverhtehnologichny Force aimed to the future. From a military point of view, the F-35 offers the greatest number of options, it is a more promising option, «reads the official statement of the Dutch government. Netherlands will buy 37 F-35A fighters in ordinary takeoff and landing, which are countless more in the series production version of Strike Fighter. U.S. Air Force wants to buy more than 1,700 aircraft of this modification.

Acquisition budget is 4.5 billion euros (six billion U.S. dollars). Currently, the price of operation is not yet determined, because the country puts in reserve unexpected vkladyvatelnye and operating costs of 10% in excess of this amount. The statement says that the fighters entered service in the Air Force in 2019, the F-16 fleet will be one hundred percent out of service in the midst of the 2020s.
«The decision of the Netherlands is very crucial for applets partnership on the F-35. We are very proud of this decision, it is a majestic day for applets. Once our partner officially decided on their acquisition, although all member states are part of international programs from the F-35, «said vice president and general manager of F-35 programs from Lockheed Martin’s Martin Lorraine (Lorraine Martin, pictured).

Currently, participating international programs from the F-35 are the nine states, but this does not mean that they will get a gun these planes, and leaving the other fighters to participate in state competitions. Anticipated by mid-2015 Denmark perceive the decision to purchase them in Canada choice was frozen because of a political scandal. Yet, the company plans to add more countries to implement the F-35 to strip foreign military sales to the Pentagon. Currently, fighters offered South Korea, but the country’s authorities said that the country’s budget will not pull their acquisition, as a more desirable candidate Set fighter Boeing F-15 Silent Eagle. «We are aware that there (in South Korea) is a competition. But as before, we are convinced that the F-35 is a good choice for this country, and we look forward to a final decision, «said Martin.

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