The new high school opened in the Odintsovo district, Moscow region

September 3, 2012 in the village of Zaytsevo Odintsovo district inaugurated the new educational complex — the gymnasium of St. Basil the Great — 330 pupils.

New complex in scope, technical equipment, and approaches to teaching is unique in Russia. The total area built by the architect Elena Poluyko and occupying the territory of more than 8 hectares of the former ancient manor houses exceeds 20,000 square meters. meters.

Gymnasium model reproduces the pre-revolutionary Russian classical education with teaching logic, calligraphy, Church Slavonic, Latin, Greek and foreign languages.

Construction was carried out by extra-budgetary sources of financing. Developer — an autonomous non-profit educational organization "College of St. Basil the Great."

The complex includes a school building, which includes training and computer classes, two swimming pools, two gyms, a huge assembly hall, a football and athletics fields, a park with paths and a pond. The complex is built on the principle of "smart school", which uses the most modern educational process audiovisual training (computer labs, interactive whiteboards, electronic textbooks, etc.) In the gymnasium also provided additional education: music, art (including iconography), sports, home economics and crafts, etc.

Core Curriculum is adapted to the modern requirements to the level of knowledge and science and technology (in particular, the gymnasium is equipped with computer labs, interactive whiteboards, electronic books, etc.). Many teachers have scientific degrees and titles "Honored Teacher of Russia", as part of the training materials were developed by leading experts in the field of education especially for the gymnasium of St. Basil the Great.


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